Blouse Giveaway! + Which Blouse Are You?

I love creating blouses and I love finding the detailing that makes each one special. A well made blouse lasts for years and carries me from occasion to occasion. A pretty blouse will brighten an outfit and magically change a day.

Tell me about your favorite blouse, and you can win one of mine!
Please post about your favorite thing about a blouse - a small detail that makes them a staple, or special object in your wardrobe, and you'll enter yourself to be the lucky winner of one of these "days of the week" blouses.
Look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s to the days of the week, pretty blouse by pretty blouse:
  • On Monday I will wear my Poppy blouse, the pleats and poplin I adore- the rakish formality of yore.
  • On Tuesday I don my Eva blouse, vintage colors, emboldened with vibrant flowers, cotton voile so soft and fine.
  • And Wednesday tells me mid week is here- my silk blouse, dear Genevieve will make me so feminine, my dear.
  • Thursday for my Dina blouse- coco-lishus chocolate art silk please, pleated, tailored, but so fluid that whispers gently my intentions.
  • Friday sees me in Sweet Eileen, the softest rose, ever seen, the high collar and gathered sleeve, tell me is this a writer’s dream?
  • Saturday is Frankie’s day, a plaid so charmant- I find it très français! I will dance to Paris, or Gabon and sing my twirling happy song.
  • Sunday, friend, our day of rest, I frankly need to look my best! Gyneth in golden shimmering silk, watch a movie, read a book, don’t you think I am worth a look!
Seven days that makes a week- my wardrobe it is complete!
Enjoy a pretty blouse, every day of the week, and let the magic begin!

Feel beautiful, Live Beautiful, Be Beautiful!

28 comments: said...

My favorite blouse was a lovely plaid and floral blouse. The basic front and sleeves were plaid...but the tie around the neck and the large cuffs with six plaid covered buttons were in a matching floral print. I wore it for years and received so many soon became tattered but I kept it thinking one day I would make a pattern and make a new one...sadly my husband mistakenly put it in a bag for the goodwill. I hope who ever received it has as much joy as I did from it. Vickie

Dominique said...

My favorite blouse is one that flatters my figure
Easy around the waist but not the pregnant look since I am not. A rich color and timeless style.
Something I can wear to run errand and then be dressy enough to meet my husband at a cafe later.

Unknown said...

My favorite blouse is probably more a shirt, It is a Ralph Lauren typical light blue chambray. I remember buying it like it was yesterday. I went to the forum shops in Vegas where I lived at the time, to the polo store, looking for a perfect shirt I could wear to my 20 week ultrasound (I was pregnant, and this was the appt when I would find out if I was having a boy or a girl). I was still a manageable size, so I was able to get my normal size.
I remember the khakis I got that day as well, my outfit was complete.
Years later, I wear that blouse often, it is my favorite, although it is stained and worn, I remember wearing it that first time, to the ultrasound of a daughter I later lost.
Every time I wear it, I remember that day, the hope, the dreams. And it makes me smile.

Unknown said...

I love making blouses in my spare time.Whenever i start making it i make it a point that i stand up when i completed designing it, i never leave it incomplete, when i have sufficient time to complete then only i make it.

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Anonymous said...

I have a brown striped blouse that I reach for again and again. Woven into the stripes is a stripe of gold which dresses my blouse up or down. I've worn it hanging loose and also with a belt which changes the look.
And I love April Cornell blouses!
christine Faour

Unknown said...

I love blouses because they are so feminine, so pretty. During the winter I like to layer, so I like the parts that show (collar and cuffs) to have a bit of lace or a ruffle on them. During warmer seasons, I like all the details :) Lace, pretty buttons, very soft and flowing fabric, soft colors as opposed to bright, and at the same time, it should be comfortable. That's a tall order! I know it's more than 1 detail, but that's one of the things I love - details! Thank you for the offer - to win one of your blouses, well, THAT would be the favorite in my closet!

Anonymous said...

Blouses are kind of a mystery to me. My mother and grandmother wore them most every day. For some reason, I've never ventured there. However, I've wanted to! I'm really fashion-challenged. I've asked friends for help but no one has time. At 46, it's time! I have a couple of your skirts/dresses, April, and I love them. I would love to try one of your blouses. Maybe I'll be a blouse "convert".

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love, love, love a tunic. They are flattering on just about everyone. Other than that, I love one with a brooch.

Kate said...

My favorite blouses are ones that are long enough so they don't cut me off at the waist, because I am on the tall side. I love ones that have a V neck before the buttons begin. And I am always drawn to anything with stripes on it!

KindredEsprit said...

My favourite blouse is cotton and loose fitting. I'm drawn to the material, subtle patterns/textures and lovely buttons. And I've declared 2010 the year of the ruffles, so I'll be looking for a ruffled blouse. =)

Anonymous said...

My favorite blouse is one of yours April. It is a summer blouse, but can be worn in these colder months, if worn to a special do. It is mauve in color and fitted. It has a rounded neckline with pleats and a little lacey trim. The front has 3 pleats and a laceness near the neckline. The bottom 1/3 of the blouse in all pleats with laciness interdispersed. It is completed with about one inch of ruffle at the bottom. Very elegant and feminine!

Dawn-Tara (The Clever Cottage) said...

Laurence, Lois and Innocence too
A medieval maiden in purple and blue!
Pretty buttons in brass or shell
With glorious sleeves shaped like a bell
Silken ruffles and woolen warm... See More
These are favorites for bohemian charm!

Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

My favorite blouse is menswear styled shirt with a lovely fitted waist out of white Swiss-dot fabric with three-quarter sleeves. I just love the combination of the classic shirt with a soft, lightweight fabric and feminine fit. Now if only it had a little bit of white embroidery...

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to tell which blouses of mine is my favorite, because as I wrote before, since I discoverered April's Cornell line, I found my style and it depends what I wear the pant or the skirt, I wear the blouse that fits with it, some times it's the tunic, like today, I dont remember the name of it, but it is brillance gold (We can see it in brillance blue on the site April Attic in Dresses column). Yesterday, I wear the Heather blouse for the first time with an other skirt of April. The last Christmast, I wear the Innocence blouse. Why do I like them? Because they are so feminine, romantic, artistic, soft country and I feel happy in that style! Thank you April! Anne

Pam Deratany said...

My favorite kind of blouse is all about the fabric to me. I love a soft, (brushed cotton, silk, or rayon) light weight, cuddly fabric. The style, now I show my age, peasant or gypsy. Something that makes me feel like a butterfly, kind of gauzy and flimsy. A blouse I can dress up or down. I love vintage.

Anne said...
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Unknown said...

I love any blouse that does not need ironing! however, paradoxically I love anything in pure linen or silk.... now if only there could be a new fabric that is 'permapress' linen or silk?!?!

Unknown said...

I just read the comment by Suz, and I laughed out loud because I also love linen and silk blouses! However, I don't really mind when the linen gets wrinkled... I have an Irish friend who says that that's how people can see that you're wearing the real thing! haha
I love a blouse that is loose, can be worn open with a tank underneath or closed, alone... and details like pleats, darts, ribbon trim, neat buttons are all good! I've often bought blouses and then changed the buttons to make it more interesting. I've also taken collars off, shortened sleeves to 3/4 length (my preferred type!) and added exotic trim to the inside of the button band. And I love to make my own blouses and tanks, especially using linen or silk... I'm getting inspired just by writing about it! Thanks April!!

Janice MacDonald said...

I adore blouses, and especially yours. My favourite is in a deep rose, a squared neck with pleats down the sleeves, and a ribbon of rose velvet along the sleeves and into the yoke. I can wear it with a green embroidered skirt of yours, or with rose skinny jeans I bought in London, and it looks alternately bohemian and Victorian.
I was smitten with the blouses you have listed in your week's worth, though, and think I need a pleated silk chocolate brown blouse...ah soemthing to dream on!
your fan in Edmonton, Janice

Anonymous said...

My favorite blouse is actually one of your blouses, April, which I purchased in 2008. I can't recall "its" name, but it is cream colored, very light, silky crinkled material. It has 3/4 sleeves ending in a double flounce. The collar and flounces have tiny iridescent beading! Just beautiful and makes me feel so special when I wear it!
Your friend, Karen

Anonymous said...

I love blouses, decspite the fact that I have to wear one every day for my school uniform. White. High colar. Button down. Everyday...when there are so many colours and classic styles in the world! But I don't even mind those ones. They feel nice and crisp, smart and clean, and make me feel mature and ready for whatever my teachers can throw at me. ALthough the staple white (we arent even allowed blue anymore since our principle changed),: ) But Liveing in white and navy blue gives me no confidence.

Because of this, I love almost any blouse! Plain, classic and clean, or fresh funky and vibrant. One of my favorite ways to wear a plain blous is like Audry Hepburn in ROman Holiday, with the skirt on her waist or with a pants, especially jeans with a sparkly (my favorite one is yellow) belt!

I love many of your blouses too April. Scratch that, I love ALL of your stuff!

But I think my favourite blouse is a pale blue-green one that I wear with jeans. It has full length sleeves though I often roll them up, and wear the belt (preferably colourful) at the waist. The two alterations gives it a new, fresh look, so I dont seem too mature and out of place among kids my own age (I'm 15)and with a pair of classy heels it is a perfect staple for a debate tournament! I always wear heels and a classy, mature outfit to debate tournaments cause I'm normally the youngest, and shortest.

BLouses always make me feel good about myself. And when they arent the style and colour I have to wear to school, they make me feel so confident and in controle. WHen I'm older, or no longer go to a uniform school, I'll definitly be wearing alot of them!

Also now that its more wintery weather (I live in a warm climate) You can't get past the Jean jacket, bright coloured blouse (to stand out), Jeans and high boots. Its hip enough that I dont get teased by my friends yet classy enough that I still feel good about myself. Also It looks superb with one of your burre scarf, glove sets April (i have the turquoise one)

Yes looks like Ill make the deadline! cya

chrom said...

My favorite blouse. Strangely, I don't remember where or when I bought it. Some would say it is nothing special. It is white cotton, squarish neck and delicate long sleeves that button at the wrist. It has a few tiny bits of white floral embroidery and a few tiny pintucks at the breast but it has a buttondown center. The bottom is not tapered and just long enough to hide what I need to. I like the versatility of wearing it with different colors, scarves, and necklaces. It is soft and comfortable, but makes me feel feminine without being "officy"...

Amy said...

My favourite blouse recently began to fall apart, after many years of happy wear. I suppose I loved it to death. The fabric was a pale apple green scattered with tiny sprays of pink roses. The sleeves fit just above the elbow, finished with pretty little cuffs and buttons. Every time I wore my blouse, women would ask me where I found it. I've kept it in hanging in my sewing room, hoping that someday I will be brave enough to pick it apart and use the pieces to sew a copy.

Anonymous said...

hi, my favorite blouse is an old printed satin one which belonged to my grandma and holds alot of memories fo me, it feels like i still smell her when wearing it...:)
sharon eshet.

Anonymous said...

my favorite blouse is a purple one with snap buttons- on the cuffs and on the front pocket snaps is written- i love me with a little red heart!
rinat ungar.

Anonymous said...

that last message, that finished as Yes, Looks like Ill make the deadline, was sent by me, CHanelle at sorry, i forgot to mention it in a rush to get offline

sara said...

I love the Frankie blouse! Anything that is fun and funky and colorful!

ferne said...

my favorite blouse was one I made years ago in a light blue cotton with several little pleats and a tiny bit of lace on the collar. I remember it being so comfortable and soft and I wore it till it fell apart. Why I didn't make another one I am not sure...I should have made 7 one for each day of the week.

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