New Horizons Come with Fall

Somewhere along the line the tradition of school starting after Labor Day weekend in the U.S. became blurred. In many parts of the country the school year is underway already. It still feels a little strange to me. But then its kind of funny that I still note the start of school because its been awhile since I sent a child out the door with lunch and best wishes for a good day. It's probably that it brings back happy memories of my own school days. While I mourned the fading days of summer, there was an excitement to getting ready to get back to school. Each new school year holds promise and new frontiers. 

Our new fall collection  is filled with many pretty dress styles for girls of all ages. Whether you are dressing a daughter for back-to-school, or you are dressing yourself, I think you'll love what you see.

Enjoy the last days of summer, and always remember that though one season is coming to an end, a fresh new one is ahead ,filled with new horizons and adventures. No need to be going back to school to enjoy it!

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