Many Hands a Napkin Makes

The other day I received a direct message via Twitter from Pamela Root who owns That's Life Soup, a restaurant in Monteplier, VT. Pamela uses April Cornell napkins on her tables, and told me that they look gorgeous and she is always being asked where they came from. A beautifully printed napkin can add much beauty to any table setting. Our napkins are a work of art, created by many hands. 
     Our printing is done in India. I have a home in Delhi, and travel there throughout the year to partner with highly-skilled Indian craftsmen who use age-old skills are combined with modern techniques and machinery to create our beautiful linens and clothing. 
     Each print has eight screen-printed colors, each requiring its own screen. The screens are hand-drawn, carefully, so that each fits perfectly in line with all the others. A steady hand is necessary to ensure smooth flowing lines. The beauty of screen printing is that the feeling of brush strokes and painting can be captured on the screens. The printing itself is done one color at a time. Two printers work with each screen to ensure proper alignment and equal pressure. 
     Cornell designs and prints are the result of a long creative process. Many hands are involved. Finely developed skills, combined with hard work create beautiful, timeless collector's items. In the end each piece speaks for itself, yet stands in amongst the others, a favorite bloom in the garden. Or a beautiful accent to any table, whether in a restaurant like Pamela's or in our own home.
    Our new fall line is now available on the site! PS: Follow me on Twitter at AprilCornell...

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