She's Making a Difference

To know me is to know that my passion for being in business extends beyond my love for design, beautiful fabrics, and creating clothing and products to enhance the home. The reason I persevere and forge ahead is because of my passion for the Giving World Foundation and how through its work we are able to extend a hand up to those in need.
     This past spring, a young woman by the name of Arianna Rehak chose our company for an internship that was part of a school graduation project. As she learned about April Cornell, Arianna immediately saw what I see in the Giving World Foundation. She has embraced the cause, and has made it her personal mission to raise $200, 000 for the foundation. Today, The Burlington Free Press took note of her project in an article that includes an interview with her. Take a few minutes and read the story. You can help the foundation here too.
     Did I mention that Arianna is 17 years-old? She's headed off to college this week, and is Arianna is committed to making a difference. She is a doer. Arianna, thank you for being an inspiration and for taking action. 

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Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

What an inspirational story, this young lady has a bright future, and it's great to see her using it to help others!

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