Little Girls & Holidays + Chance to Win a Little Girls' Outfit!

Little girls and dressing up is the stuff that memories are made of. We were three sisters growing up and my young mother made sure that we were all decked out for the holidays- so often those are the only photos we have- special occasions with the family together - little girls, pretty dresses, and enough toys and love to go around. When my turn came to be a mother it was boy, boy,boy! We had many magical holidays, but no pretty dresses. Now I have a little granddaughter, Josephine, to play with and dress up and take pictures of. Imagine how cute she will be this festive season.

Enjoy our fine selection of delightful girls’ dresses - from newborn to size 10 - in styles meant to be immortalized with the flash of your camera. [pss-t for your photo op these are all at 30% off right now!]

Please email photos ( and/or post memories of your little girl in April Cornell to this blog, we will post the pictures and choose a winner of a little girls' holiday outfit!


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paige said...

Oh April! I have so many good memories of my little Emma Jayne in her April Cornell outfits! I have a picture of her in an April Cornell dress when she had her first taste of baby food. I didn't want to get the dress messy, so she's got a bib on, but it sure looks cute:). One of my absolute favorite baby pictures of her was taken in an April Cornell outfit. I'll email them now. Thanks for such a great contest! Paige

Erika Kotite said...

My husband's assistant had a baby recently and I bought one of your dresses and blouse as a gift. It looked so cute on her that she wore it for Christmas pictures. Thanks and have a great week! Erika

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