Passing on Good Fortune

A couple of months ago I wrote about my company in New Delhi, Cornell Overseas and how they took a piece of good fortune [a nice order] and turned that into good fortune for others.
All of the staff in our Delhi office participated and collected enough money to organize a food distribution for the the time I thought - imagine if everybody did that?
This action so excited us in Vermont, that we decided when good fortune came our way, we would do the same. I am happy to say, that it is now our turn to give back. We recently received a large commission check from our Licensing Partner, Danica. When the news came in Donna and I locked eyes across the room - "our turn" we said.
So happily, last week we met with United Way and gave our first pass it on check to them. We also wrote a second check for the Giving World Foundation. The foundation that gives a hand up, through education and opportunity to people in India.
I have long admired the United Way. In our community they are involved with so many worthwhile projects - Dismas House, Food Shelters, King Street Community Center, the Red Cross and many more meaningful organizations. They also have dedicated groups of volunteers that allow community members to participate and learn from volunteerism.
My company is also looking into how we can contribute in this way, too. So my friend, times may be trying, times may be tough, but let's remember to keep passing on the good news, and not hoard it for ourselves.

Feel Beautiful, Beautiful, Live Beautiful


Eileen Paulin said...

What a beautiful act. Congratulations on the good fortune and more importantly, thank you for passing it on!

Norma Fisher-Mixon said...

Hey April! I work for a large Oncology center in South Carolina and I'm blessed enough to work with an amazingly talented and generous group. I sit on the board for the giving foundation that assists our patients with their immediate needs: food, transportation, medication, etc. Every year the doctors and employees gather forces to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to families who would struggle to decide between medical needs and holidays. This year, we're blessed to serve 150 families! At Christmas, we'll also provide gifts from a "Giving Tree" for those patients and families who would otherwise have to choose their priority.
I KNOW these things make a difference. 40 years ago, I was a little girl in a family who received just these sorts of things- and I never forgot!
Thank you for all you do!

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