April's Week of Tips: #1-Pretty Napkins

The holidays are around the corner, we will connect in special ways with family and friends to share long-cherished traditions and participate in meaningful rituals. Whether your holiday traditions are quickly pulled together or long planned, complex affairs it's bound to be a memorable and joyful experience. In the upcoming week, I'll share with you a few tips of mine to add a flair of festivity to your home beyond just a beautiful tablecloth.

A simple and easy way to decorate your table - Pretty Folded Napkins.
There many ways to fold napkins, be creative! One of my favorite ways, is to make a small pocket out of the napkin which can hold an array of decorative items [such as pinecones, leaves, little notes, flowers or utensils].

Here's how:

Give this a try, and feel free to post a picture of your beautiful napkin arrangements. I always love to see your creations!


Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful, Feel Beautiful

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