Favorite Colors for Autumn Decor

I arrived back home in Burlington over the weekend from Delhi and was greeted by lovely fall weather. I settled in on Sunday and feathered my nest in some new prints. It's so easy to change the feel of the house for the seasons by switching out tablecloths for fresh autumn colors, and switching out cushions and pillows in chairs and sofas in a fall palette. 
     One of my favorite ways of changing the color tones for the seasons is to display a basket filled with nicely folded napkins that are mixed and matched in patterns and textures that mirror the feel of the season at hand. This year I am blending deep purples, pinks, taupe, and greens. What do you think? What are your favorite colors for fall this year?

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Rosy Lady said...

Ah April, I love the print and colors of this table cloth. I am drawn to berry colors mixed in with the burned oranges, yellows, reds and browns of the autumn leaves. Such a beautiful time of year!

Black Bears and Bulldogs said...

I also change seasons with my collections of April Cornell table settings of cloths, place mats and napkins! It always cheers the house up and looks so good. Thank you April!


diane said...

I just painted my kitchen chairs Aubergine and am really enjoying that colour this fall!

Unknown said...

The colors you've blended are my ideal and a nice variation from the cliche Thanksgiving colors. Lately I've been falling in love with a burnt rustic orange and have started to take on dusty purples in my wardrobe as they seem to do my skin tone justice. I'm a HUGE gal of green -more of the earthy/ rustic, perhaps olive and lighter greens(used to like evergreen but now it's my least appreciated, neither not lime or froggy). Browns are great but not alone -they need life and I think are best used to accentuate -my favorite combination which I attempted for my wedding was green, brown and pink. Dusty rose and pinks are 365 days my favorite [in competition with green] :o)

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