A School Day at Sai Kripa

(The young on the right is a graduate of Sai Kripa who has returned there to teach.)
The Giving World Foundation is not just on my heart, but it is the heart of the April Cornell business. Founded in the 1990’s, the foundation helps fund a number of projects, including Sai Kripa, a school for 350 first generation learners outside of New Delhi. 
     Last Friday, I visited with the late monsoon rains still falling and the way in very muddy. When I first started visiting the village of Bellamy and Sai Kripa, it was surrounded by farmland and the villagers were mostly illiterate and hardworking farmers. Their children were destined to be the same.
     Sai Kripa was founded by Anjina Rajgopal who was looking for a school that would be welcoming home for her adopted children. She wanted to shape the highest standards of learning possible. With the support of the village, she became the founder and the burning hopeful core of Sai Kripa. Anjina's adopted children have grown in number over the years, she now has 37. The school has grown in stature and accomplishments, just as her children have. 
     The school has come along way from its beginnings when it was located next to a buffalo shed with plenty of flies for company. It is now housed in a respectable brick building with many classrooms and large play yard. Trees provided by the government are lovingly nurtured and will provide shade and greenery for years to come. The school spans from prekindergarten to 10th grade. Students are taught the ABCs and 123s, science, world history, English, Hindi, cooking and geometry. They participate in sports days and visits to the capital, always being nurtured by a compassionate staff.
     Visiting the 6th grade class, I asked the students what they wanted to be when they grew up, "A scientist, a computer engineer, a karate expert," and thankfully, "a teacher," they told me. The same hope and dreams of children around the world. I am very moved by the young people who have graduated form the school and have returned as adults to teach at Sai Kripa. When I asked on such teacher what was best about the school, she answered, "The environment, we are like a family." Quite a testimony for a school that originally had to argue with parents to allow their daughters to attend.
     In the changing world of Delhi and India, with its burgeoning metro populations, the farming village now lies close to a major highway. Fields are being sold to developers, and life is changing at a confusing rate.
     These children have a fine education and a wonderful sense of their self worth and importance. I am proud to be associated with the committed leaders behind Sai Kripa, the founder, principal and teachers, each dedicating their days and years to their school and the future leaders of this community.
     Concern India, with whom the Giving World Foundation has worked with closely for many years monitors and supports this project. Donations to the giving world go to Sai Kripa and various other Concern India supervised projects. 

Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful

I brought a small video camera and took it with me on this recent trip. This is my first video post! Enjoy the school children at Sai Kripa singing. (Not sure why the video insists on showing up on the screen twice - probably a class clown in the  group!) For an album of photographs of the day, please visit my Facebook page.

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