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I am always cautious about using the word "busy" when someone asks how I am. We are all busy, and life is not a competition to see who is busiest. Although sometimes it feels that way!
       If they did give out awards for busy, our office would be in the running this week. We have our wholesale sales reps in town for a meeting, a large national retail chain visited, the fall line debuts in less than two weeks, and we are launching a dedicated website for Canada. Phew, I have to stop and breath just thinking about it. 
     As the day quiets and comes to a close, I so enjoy checking in online and connecting with my friends and family. I am especially enjoying the new connections I am making with other creative kindred spirits.  I've met some delightful new women through their blogs. The winner of the Blogging for Bliss book giveaway from this blog is Lisa Zahn. It was fun to visit her blog and see her great kitchen makeover. Amazing what can be done with imagination and paint! 
     Deb from Posted From Home shared a story about a memory of April Cornell Christmas ornaments, so I wandered over to meet her on her blog. Being Canadian too, I especially enjoyed her perspectives.  And while I spent my day at the office in Burlington,  I am on a trip vicariously with Nerissa Alford.
    One of the things I enjoy best is that on this platform there is little focus on our ages or where we live and other superficial things we tend to group others by. It is about shared interests, beautiful things and encouraging each other to pause and enjoy the creative parts of life. Meet Emily-Claire Stevens.  Her work is wonderful!
     Our summer sale is wrapping up with 50% off the April Cornell site. The debut of the fall line is right around the corner, and the sale will soon be over, so stop on by.


Deb said...

Hi April
Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning and for mentioning me today :-) I was so excited to find that you had a blog that I realized later I was wearing a favourite bracelet my daughter bought me from the April Cornell jewelry counter :-)I also have a beautiful green velvety runner with ribbon roses on my dining room sideboard and two little toss pillows on my bed ~ ALL April Cornell :-) How exciting to read that you are working on a Canadian website!
Congratulations to Beth & Lisa on their wins ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, April! For the link to my blog and your kind words, as well as the giveaway. I'll be delighted to receive it!


Emily Claire said...

Hello April!

I just returned from a trip or I would have written you sooner. I was so happy to hear from you and I am humbled that you included me in your blog post! When I mentioned you to my mum, she knew who you were right away. She had read about you years ago in her beloved Victoria magazine and reminded me that we used to go to your store in Raleigh’s Crabtree Valley Mall.

Your style is so absolutely feminine and your philosophy of giving back is admirable. I forwarded my blog readers to you in my post today. Your entire design sense and scope is incredibly inspirational to someone like me to whom daily living is an exercise in design. Please take care and I look forward to following your blog!

All of my Best,


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