Brunch Party

Evening plans can often be difficult to coordinate with friends’
busy schedules. Here is a fun idea for a late morning or early afternoon gathering.

Have a group of friends and family over on a Saturday or Sunday at noon.

Cover your table in a cheerful tablecloth and arrange vases of spring flowers (daffodils and tulips are perfect!) as centerpieces.

Set out a buffet of brunch foods with plates and utensils. It is more fun when people can graze the choices and eat when/where they wish.

A Few Suggestions:
Quiches – these are easy to prepare ahead of time and can be heated right before serving.
Fruit salad kabobs - You can place your kabobs in a wide vase to look like a floral arrangement.
Cheese and Italian meat platter – Prosciutto, salami, mozzarella,
cheddar, jarlsberg… the list goes on and on.
French toast – If you are feeling ambitious, making a platter of French toast with thick slices of bread is always a hit. Try an apple bread or a hearty wheat. Sprinkle with powdered sugar …
and don’t forget a little pitcher of maple syrup.
Carrot Cake and Lemon Meringue Pie – These two
desserts give a variety and boast a little spring cheer!
Mimosa and Bellinis (champagne with orange juice
or peach juice)
Coffee and Tea
Fresh Juice Punch with sparkling water

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