A Breath of Fresh Air - Line Drying Your Laundry

With summer almost here, don’t forget to give your clothing and linens the vacation that they deserve too! Hang your laundry outside for mother nature to dry. Not only is it a great way to conserve energy, line drying gives freshness to your fabrics. The smell of your garden, crisp clean air, and a subtle summer breeze will all mingle with your threads as they dry. If you don’t have a foldable drying rack or portable clothing line, you can use two trees and cotton twine. Be sure to pull taut, as the clothing will weigh the line down.

Check your clothespins and line for any mildew, mold or dirt, as they will transfer to your freshly washed linens. A gentle soap in the wash and line drying will give a fresh softness that can’t be duplicated in the dryer. Press your clothing and linens with a warm iron to get out any wrinkles

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