Flying Home Again

The snow piles have dwindled and spring greenery is pushing up through the soil. Red breasted robins hop along fresh lawns and geese are heard honking overhead. This in between season is when a lot of people stop feeding birds – but actually there is still very little food around up north [I saw an earthworm on the road in Montreal though] so it is an important time to put out food – as birds can die of hunger in this interim period. Here are a few suggestions for our feathered friends (and you!). Refill those feeders: Putting out seed now will guarantee you birds all summer long, as the returning birds find your feeders and make them their home.

Hang your hummingbird feeders: Even hummingbirds will soon be spotted – and we are definitely still missing flowers in Vermont – so the nectar feeders can really help.

Put out bird houses: If you put out new homes for birds now, returning birds will have a place to start their spring family.

Add color to your yard: A new array of freshly painted bird houses and feeders will dress up your garden and yard even before your tulips, lilacs, peonies and azaleas bloom.

Keep a “birding” eye out: While out for walks and enjoying these first spring days, keep your eyes on the sky and in the branches. The early days of summer, before everyone is out playing in the sunshine, are when you might spot a rare species or catch a closer look at an old friend.

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