Jackson Browne!!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Jackson Browne concert – and got to shake hands with Jackson himself backstage.

It was in Barre Vermont at the Barre Opera House – and in support of a Local Agricultural group called LACE– they were opening up a farmers market and a spot for farmers and folk to show their wares. It looked like it would add a lot to the downtown of Barre. Lots of Vermont cheeses and maple syrup and Vermont ice cream and greens and other yummy stuff. They had a silent auction and I won five birdhouses. Somebody bid $13,500.00 on a Jackson Browne guitar.

As you can see in the photo – I was pretty delighted to be in the very gentle aura of Jackson Browne!



R said...

Hello, April... My name is April, too, and I am a huge fan of your dress line. I still long for the "April's Drawers" store in Boise where I could *always* find a lovely dress. I always enjoyed buying from your website, too, when I could see them all outfitted on a mannequin.

I just happened to stumble on your blog - I don't know how, but what a wonderful coincidence!

Anyway, I have bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back. Wow! This is amazing!

Kindest Regards from a loyal dress fan,

P.S. My favorite dresses were the poplin or cotton dresses - super comfortable and easy to launder!

Kim said...

How lucky you are meeting him in person! I LOVE Jackson Browne! :o) And I'm also a fan of your fabric line! Love your work!

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