A Magic Purse + Handbag Giveaway!

Do you have a magic purse? A bag where all of your life is stored?

I do - My paints, my keys, a cotton nighty, my passport, a box of raisins, and piece of dark chocolate. There's my granddaughter's photo, a special letter from my son, makeup, a wooden comb, salty nuts and a toy for a child; there's a 'words of inspiration' book, my journal, my nataraj pencil and a nail biting mystery - seriously I could be marooned with my magic purse and still have a good day.

Tell me what is in your magic purse that tells your tale? For posting an answer, I'll choose a random winner on Friday afternoon at 4pm to win a beautiful new (spring 2010 collection) handbag!
**Remember to include your email address (so I can get let you know if you've won)**


Feel Beautiful, Live Beautiful, Be Beautiful


Kristen said...

my magic purse has my ipod to help me escape the cacophony that sometimes surrounds me, sunglasses and lip balm, something to read - a book or my blackberry where I catch up with fellow twitterers :), a pen and small notebook to jot ideas or make mini sketches, gum or candy to tempt the children, keys, coupons - never know when you might need to shop, the occasional swatch of fabric that needs to be matched and usually some garbage teh kids have snuck in there


kerwin said...

Good morning....one of your beautiful bags...I must be dreaming.

I have in my bag my snack,keys and wallet.
A camera,phone,and a bottle of water.

Nancy said...

I think I could do the same. My purse contains so many things that I just have to have. One thing I am never without is my Christmas/birthday gift book. I keep a little notebook with all names of those I buy gifts for and shop all year long. Have to write what I buy or I just can't remember.


Unknown said...

Hi April~
My bag could never save me if I were marooned...then why is it so HEAVY?? Lets see, a beautiful wallet from my girls, directions to my breeder, chapstick, sugar free snack bar, lipstick samples, checkbook, needle and thread, a wonderful paperback book called "A Year by the Sea" that I brought to the waiting room...I think the bag itself is the culprit!! time for a new one...

Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness. In my bag there is always a knitting project, baby toys(the usuals and a surprise one for when the babies are really needing something do divert their attention), lipstick, random children's scribblings, a tiny drawing from my daughter she sent with me to the hospital when having her baby sister, chocolate, and various pens, pencils, and crayons.

Anonymous said...

Oh April! I think I am "The Bag Lady"! I am 57, 4 adult children, 7 grandchildren. I work full time as a Bookeeper, one county away from where I live. I have a "BAG" for all different catagories of things. I have a bag for bill paying (personal), one with OTC meds and prescription meds, first aide stuff, etc. and one for miscellanous (coupons,etc.). Then I have my purse which carries the things I need close to me at all times (money, checkbook,glasses,lipstick,lint roller, toothpicks,gum,purse hanger,body splash on and on!!!!!! Where I go my BAGS go. I would be honored to carry a "April Cornell" bag!! Gail

lajuju said...

The most precious thing I carry in my bag is the last Christmas card my best friend sent me on december. I received this card by mail the day she died subitly. It says " Never forget all the good moments we spent together..." It is full love and it is very precious!

Tammigirl said...

My magical bag contains:

keys, a keyring full of store loyalty cards, gloves, a pouch of credit cards, assorted free offers, a pouch for my magical phone, my favorite pen, 2 moleskine notebooks, a handful of handkerchiefs, throat soothing drops, adapter to charge my phone, favorite lipstick, softlips, Tazo passion tea bags, hand sanitizing spray, a tin of Orbit bubblemint gum, a tube of Lancome Nutrix Royal Body intense lipid repair cream, a plastic container with my migraine medicine, assorted over the counter pain relief, and a separate spot for a pair of earrings. I also am known to carry around cutie mandarin oranges, chocolate, headphones, Colgate Wisps, nail file, OPI 'Bubble Bath" nail lacquer, assorted receipts, surprises and treats plus whatever miscellaneous stuff I happen to have at the time.

Believe it or not, this all fits in a fairly small purse.

Do you regret asking?

Anonymous said...

My magic purse has a beautiful makeup bag with my favorite colors in it, a small bottle of perfume, a thick organizer with all the important dates, my Bible promise book, my iPod full of favorite songs, and my wallet. I would bring more, but I don't want my shoulder to fall off! :)

Would love to win a beautiful April bag!


vanessa Johanning said...

ok .. you asked for it! hee hee
First off I change my purse almost every day...I just always have!
So what goes from one selection to another has to be pretty special to 'make the cut~!' These are the MUST HAVE Contenders:

~I have my Wallet seriously could be a purse in itself!!
~A folding fan~ hot-flashes!
~lipstick & Lotion & Gum
~Business & Blog Cards~RhinestoneContessa.com
~Colored watercolor pencils and my current Journal/datebook/junquebook
~MY CAMERA!! I always have this because you just never know when you are creating a memory!
~usually I carry what ever I am reading at the time.. a book or mag...because its always a good conversation stater!
~a red #2 felco clipeers... yep! ha ha
~A Cologne ( what ever one I like at the moment)
~ I usually carry something that is fun...like mini drink umbrella's,( I have a box of 200!)
or light up ice cubes...I am a silly person that tries to make fun no matter where I am..all the time!
Everyone always laughs and says I carry a Mary Poppins bag... and you will never know what I will pull out Next! :) Have a FUN day!
Great topic!~
Vanessa Johanning

Anonymous said...

Hi April

I could be called the bag lady because I am irresistably drawn to bags of all kinds. I have a collection of them, including many Cornell bags as well. Probably the most important thing I keep in my current bag is my moleskin agenda/journal/notebook. Whenever I find myself waiting either at the car shop or the dr's office, I can be seen furiously writing...about just about anything from plans for a book to my present thoughts. I never leave home without my notebook!!


Pati Shambaugh said...

I do not carry any makeup other than lipstick. This makes room for my wallet/checkbook, camera, Dr. Pepper, oranges, 2 pair of chop sticks, small pieces of quilting fabrics, box with Quilt Patis/thread/needles/pincushion, batteries for Mom's hearing aid, pens/pencils, Mini sketch pad, calendar, receipt book, business cards, & coupons... today! This is the usual but sometimes I add knitting stuff. If I am going to the movies I add a small travel bottle & travel salt shaker. These are for extra butter to add halfway down the bag of popcorn without having to leave the movie (I go to a theatre where you self-serve the butter). This actually cuts the amount of butter & salt by adding as needed instead of "soaking & sorry".

Deb said...

Oh, my, you DO have a magic bag! You've given me some ideas. Mostly my purse is boring...just all the regular things: coin purse, tissues, tons of pens, my calendar, local quilt store punch keychain, and hand sanitizer. I do sometimes stick my camera down inside. I'm like another commenter above: my purse is SO heavy, but I have no idea why!! I'd love to win your bag.

Deb said...

Oops, my email is debgiro at wildblue dot net

Unknown said...

April, this is great! I'm having so much fun reading the posts and seeing that we women are "always prepared" with our bags!
One of my favourite wedding-shower games is "What's in your purse?" where they ask for certain items, usually things that seem out-of-the-ordinary... If you have it in your purse, you win!
The contents of my bag can vary, but I am never without my day-planner (still using paper, because I really love paper), cell phone, iPod and headphones, mechanical pencil, red lipstick, Fishermen's Friends, Kleenex, camera, red leather wallet, coupons, passport, small photos of my family, paperclips, safety pins, my own version of a sewing kit in a ziploc bag, and sometimes knitting (usually socks on the go) and crochet (always churning out white crocheted Irish dance collars). The most recent addition: a bodhran "tipper" so I can practise on anything at any time, hahaha.
Once, my purse was searched at the airport security desk because of tweezers I forgot I had, and a mysterious white powder coating the inside of a zippered pocket -- my tin of Altoids mints had sort of exploded...
Oh! And of course, a paperback book!

Thanks for your giveaways! They are added incentive to think fun thoughts and share the bounty!

Terri A.

Anonymous said...

My Magic Purse contains a pack of lifesavers,a wallet,my phone, baby wipes,lipgloss and stick, cheque book, a mirror,a bible verse and roll on perfume. I also still have my boys Christmas list that I will put in their memory box.
This was fun!!!
Cheryl Cairns

Sarah said...

I don't have a whole lot stuffed in my purse - probably because I have a small one. Let's see...tissues, pens, lipstick, Advil, my wallet, hand sanitizer, pads, cough drops, and a mirror. That's it!


~Laurie~ said...

Mine is a simple magic bag - pictures of my 4 children and cute hubby, wipes, pens, loose change - because my daughter steals my "real" money, lip balm and always a toy to hand out to a crying child. That's about it!
Laurie :)

Anonymous said...

My "magic" purse has one item in it - a skeleton key that will open the door to a secret garden. . .just imagine!
*~*~*~*~*Have a magical day!*~*~*~*~*~*

RobinBirdsNest said...

Never really thought of it that way. but yea, in a way, I guess it really is! I always have my glasses,chapstick,lipgloss,a pen and post its,my wallet of course,hand sanitizer,pepper spray,moist towlettes,nail file,change in the bottom,a really cool leaf imprinted leather business card holder,gum,my blackberry(this would be my lfesaver!),some poo pourri for emergencies, and a handkerchief.

RobinBirdsNest said...

Darn! I forgot to put my e-mail!

Flannel Jammies Farm said...

Oh, April... each one's Magic Purse holds hopes, dreams, and little necessities! Mine has the usual keys, credit cards, pill box, hankie (April Cornell, of course... a gift from my daughter some years ago), fountain pen. But in a tiny change purse, along side bits of change and cash, I have 2 very special items: a worry rock (a small round stone with a small indentation the size of my thumb to rub while I pray and ponder) and a gorgeous blue marble (in case I ever feel like I've lost all of my marbles). Today these items are housed in a Magic Purse disguised as a little straw basket.

tresorcache101 said...

My magic purse contains my wallet, a mechanical pencil and pen, a small sketch pad, my digital camera,a folded recyclable bag, my glasses, purell sanitizer, keys, measuring tape, clippers, scissors, a pair of disposable gloves and of course a small package of cinnamon hearts. I am always prepared in the event I spot something on the side of the road that needs to be rescued from landfill.

Barbara Lynn

hannah said...

Let's see: wallet, checkbook, tissues, lotion, hairspray,vitamins, Advil, mints,scrap paper, address book, pen, hand sanitizer, lip balm, scissors; nothing special, but it sure fills up fast!

gdesigns AT wildblue DOT net

Black Bears and Bulldogs said...

My bag, my life! I carry all the things I need to exist today...so, each day my bag items change. On a typical day, in my magic bag, I have my large cloth wallet with money and important "wallet" size documents.
I also carry a separate small ID wallet with my drivers license, military ID card, University ID card, couple of credit cards, and, for what ever reason, my AARP card!
Then there is a small bag with some OTC medicine I may or may not need along with lipstick (several colors), tiny bottle of hand sanitizer and an inhaler.
Moving on, you will find my very cute reading glasses that have a leopard print on them and the carry case. I keep a small notebook with me that is held closed with a colorful ponytail band. In the book I have numerous notes and addresses, measurements, sizes (of things like my two air filters for the kitchen), my grandchildrens' birth information, my school schedule in case I forget where to go to class, etc.
I carry a keychain with all those plastic cards different stores give you and ask for so they can swipe them and then do a detailed report on what kind of purchases I make - I wonder if they are disappointed??
I carry a digital camera and a small bag with the necessary cords to connect the camera to my laptop in case I desperately need to download the pictures. Then there is my fabulous Touch IPOD - got that free when I ordered my fabulous MacBook - the best computer I have ever, ever, in 12 years, owned...
Pens, I have a plethora of pens in my magic purse. One can never have too few pens...For some reason I have the instruction booklet to my GPS which I plan to read one day - in the mean time I just talk to the lady who gives me directions.
Moisturizer - everyone needs a small container of moisturizer and some lip balm. There is occasionally a chocolate or two in my bag and many times a package of gum.
I love my bag and make sure it is not too heavy or a burden to carry. I am always on the look out for bags or purses - there are so many great models out there! Thanks for letting me share a small part of my life with you.



Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes. Wallet (with the usual), fabric coversion table;coupon to erase $5 off my library overdue bill;receipt for glasses just returned to store (not a fit);mini lint roller;grocery store handle cover - yuk germs;note written by 6 yr old granddaughter that is a "ticket"; jeweler's eyepiece; log roller marble from granddaughter #2 who is 3;two packs sugar free gum;moving eyes to help make owls from pine tree tips;3 pages Forever stamps;keychain made from my mother's (deceased) silver flatware; hearing aid batteries; eyeglass cleaner wipes; hand wipes; hand sanitizer;compact & lipstick; loose change;Easter egg wire lifter; comb; nitroglycern;5 crayons; zoo token; loose tissues;gum tooth picks; survival tool(knife;opener;tape measure;screwdriver;cracker barrel gift certificate;leather sticky note holder(gift from friend with my initials on it;three pens;info on Red Hatter stuff; and last but certainly FIRST pictures of my husband,daughter,son-in-law and granddaughters. Whew that's quite a list and really my purse is not too big, maybe, I don't think so,just utilitarian. Love your products. Kay @Kdr711@aol.com

Anonymous said...

My bag, my life! I carry all the things I need to exist today...so, each day my bag items change. On a typical day, in my magic bag, I have my large cloth wallet with money and important "wallet" size documents. I also carry a separate small ID wallet with my drivers license, military ID card, University ID card, couple of credit cards, and, for what ever reason, my AARP card! Then there is a small bag with some OTC medicine I may or may not need along with lipstick (several colors), tiny bottle of hand sanitizer and an inhaler. Moving on, you will find my very cute reading glasses that have a leopard print on them and the carry case. I keep a small notebook with me that is held closed with a colorful ponytail band. In the book I have numerous notes and addresses, measurements, sizes (of things like my two air filters for the kitchen), my grandchildrens' birth information, my school schedule in case I forget where to go to class, etc. I carry a keychain with all those plastic cards different stores give you and ask for so they can swipe them and then do a detailed report on what kind of purchases I make - I wonder if they are disappointed?? I carry a digital camera and a small bag with the necessary cords to connect the camera to my laptop in case I desperately need to download the pictures. Then there is my fabulous Touch IPOD - got that free when I ordered my fabulous MacBook - the best computer I have ever, ever, in 12 years, owned... Pens, I have a plethora of pens in my magic purse. One can never have too few pens...For some reason I have the instruction booklet to my GPS which I plan to read one day - in the mean time I just talk to the lady who gives me directions. Moisturizer - everyone needs a small container of moisturizer and some lip balm. There is occasionally a chocolate or two in my bag and many times a package of gum. I love my bag and make sure it is not too heavy or a burden to carry. I am always on the look out for bags or purses - there are so many great models out there! Thanks for letting me share a small part of my life with you.



Unknown said...

Another Bag Lady, here. Aside from the usual wallet, ID's, customer cards, my must haves are my Ipod, camera, pen and paper- you never know when inspiration will hit. Patchouli oil, and lip gloss, cough drops and chocolate nips, and most important, photos of my daughter, Jaime, who died almost 11 years ago, from brain cancer. She is my inspiration to live life to the fullest.

Ruth B said...

My magic bag is quite small and yet it holds so many things. No matter how much I put in it, there is always room for more. It holds miniature versions of my 3 wonderful grandchildren that are so lifelike that they make me laugh with their funny ideas. I can take them out and they are here...with me...anytime I want to see them. There are quilting supplies inside so if I have time, I can work on my applique. There is a radio because I love to listen to the radio while I work on other things. I can fit all my favorite books inside so I can read when time permits. Also inside is a magic mirror that makes me look young and pretty...I love that mirror. Another amazing feature of my bag is a wallet with a neverending supply of cash. Every girl should have a magic bag like mine, customized with all their favorite things.

Anonymous said...

In my bag I have a key to my house,a picture of my children,a colorful piece of ribbon that I tend to wrap around my finger when I find it in there every so often, but can't recall where it is from. Probably an old dress of my daughters. A small slightly faded piece of paper with my husband's number on it from the night we met over 20 yrs ago. A small leather change purse my mom had always carried,I can't bare to part with it as it reminds me of her.Inside the purse is a key to her house that is no longer belongs to her, as she has passed. I hold it dear as I do the other pieces, all part of my past,my present and always my future.

Katherine said...

Great Giveaway, and fun question!

Now, my magic bag is a lot like Mary Poppin's bag. A lamp, a kitchen sink, meds....just kidding But that would be pretty fun..as long as it didn't weigh a ton.

Wendy Nelson said...

HI, This is really interesting!! It is amazing what you find in your "bag". Just about everything except the kitchen sink. I am in the military and being in combats all the time, we cannot show our feminine side with carrying a bag. I have to carry a backpack. Within this backpack is everything military and nothing femine. You will find ballistic glasses, not sunglasses, camaflage paint, not lipstick or eyeliner, a specially designed water flask (used with a gas mask), not a lululemon save the earth waterbottle, and my special camoflage wallet, and not a "Coach" clutch. If I didnt have the backpack, then it is my wallet in my pocket. As I have done this for so many years now, I no longer have a purse... but am permanently attached to the backpack. I am looking towards retirement from the military, after serving 25 yrs, and would love to be a woman again with a "purse" and normal stuff in it vice the backpack of military gadgets. It would be nice to start that new trend in my life with an April Cornell bag. I have always loved them but have never owned them. Maybe I too will be able to have some of the interesting stuff in my purse.

Wendy Nelson said...

oOPS of course I forgot my email.

Wendy Nelson
Canadian Armed Forces

Unknown said...

My magic purse used to be a lot more interesting when all my grandchildren lived near me, but now it has my wallet, a red pen, 'mom' tissues, old grocery lists, a little zipper bag with eye glass cleaning wipes, a pen and kotex, sunglasses in case, my gloves, several old lists and receipts, 5 pens and 2 pencils, my blockbuster card, 3 list pads with the old list still on it, chapstick, $2.94 in change.

Well, now my purse is cleaned out :) This reminds me of the Mad About You episode when Jaime and her sister switched purses for the day (not on purpose) :) Thanks for the giveaway - karen karne144@yahoo.com

jetdress@gmail.com said...

soothing decaf teas,ginger,supplements, plastic straw that my granddaughter played with, lipstick, language translation booklet if someone doesn't speak english I may share my bible with them. A sketch book incase I am inspired. Besides what is in a purse I think the purse itself speaks volumes of a person. I am going through a healing period in my life, You have truly inspired me to "feel,live and be beautiful" I check your web site daily. Your joy is infectious, your beauty touches lives. I have carried the same neutral khaki,purse forever. I am currently looking for that perfect purse. Your beautiful colors,fabrics and designs help me to define my inner beauty. A woman's purse helps her to shine! Thank You.

Sarah said...

My purse always holds yarn and needles for impromptu knitting sessions


Anonymous said...

I have an asian inspired diaper bag, that's my magic purse. It contains all that is necessary to soothe my children and care for their needs, and still looks pretty over my shoulder to remind me that I became a woman before I was a mom. Diapers for babe and spare panties for 'the big girl'and wipes for all things sticky. Organic lavender ointment for rashy bottoms. Bandages for boo boos and a stain stick to keep them looking fine in a less than fine moment. Lip balm and lipstick and lozenges. Snacks and drinks and treats for my own and others. ID for all 4 of my offspring in emergencies plus my wallet. Tissues and feminine products and hand sanitizer and a pen for keeping track of things. A spare pacifier or more, odd toys, a thank you card from time to time. Grocery lists, past and present and the receipts to match. Pain rub and medecine for all the different age groups. Breath spray and hand cream, sunglasses and keys, and perhaps a magic hot air balloon to help it float on my shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Only a the possibility of winning a beautiful April Cornell bag would tempt me to divulge the contents of my purse to the world...
OK, we have my phone, wallet, tissues, lip gloss, hand lotion...and socks. Yes, socks. It's thawing right now and I hate having wet, cold feet.
Paris (pjengram@hotmail.com)

kristen george said...

Well I have the girly purse. Lots of makeup. 2 mirrors, a fingernail file. Aspirin for that speical time of the month and about 4 tampons (incase I have to share with friends). Birth control. Lottery tickets. I have my trendy business card holder. Mints and gum. Kleenex, sunglasses. Extra set of car keys. A special key chain in my change purse that reminds me of my mom. Cell phone with my sweeties pictures. I guess our magical purse is our life in a handbag. Girls take them everywhere we go whether it be large or small and we feel naked without it. It sure does make my shoulder hurt and Im always digging in it trying to find the tinyest of things, but it holds the things I love and need. What would we do without our handbag! I love mine but I am glad to share it with you today, because as of tomorrow I could have 10 new items added! kristen.george@sapphire.com

Anonymous said...

Always my iPhone, emergency stash of various medicial ailments like aspirin, receipts I don't need to keep by do anyway and my wallet!

Anonymous said...

Hmm lets see...usually cell phone, wallet, granola bars, keys, perfume, hand cream, change purse, tissues, lip stick, lip gloss, pen and paper, old grocery list, receipts, old pay stub...compact mirror/brush. Not too magical but it helps me get through my days!


Anonymous said...

My bag of wonders as my co-workers like to call it contains a floral makeup pouch with all my essentials- powder compact, fragrance roll-on, lip balm, nail clippers, emery boards, hand cream, tampons, Advil, Tylenol, Dentyne Fire gum,
Cinnamon Altoids.

A hairbrush, ponytail elastics, barettes.

Reading glasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses.

My planner and a Cross tapestry pen

My wallet/checkbook with cash, coupons, loyalty cards.

My ipod loaded with songs by lots of great artists--Dido, Pink, No Doubt, Guster, Keane,
Patsy Cline, etc... :)

My Canon camera. One never knows when a great shot opportunity will present itself. :)

*Sometimes a can of Diet Pepsi in case I need a shot of caffeine when when isn't readily available.

I would love to be the proud owner of an April Cornell bag. April Cornell stuff rocks! :)

Happy soon-to-be spring!


Anonymous said...

My bag contains Keys, photos of my pets, Bella and Latte.
Most important my FREINDS Contact Numbers, land and Cell.
They are too imporatant in my life for me to go anywhere without their contact info.

Gotta visit Arpril Cornell in Burlington!


debby jolly said...

Hi! My magic purse has a great lipstick and a pack of gum! You can go anywhere and look amazing with a good lipstick and some fresh gum!


Pam said...

I live in the country and when I leave home I travel one hour just to go the grocery store. So I must be prepared for anything. Apple, almonds, 3 kinds of tinctures, vitamin keeper, powdered charcole, lemon essential oil, key pouch, cell phone, both charge adapters, wallet, small first aid kit, craft project, reading matterial, quilt swatches, tissues, wipes, note pad, pens, compact binoculars, fold up hat,and a child's toy. My husband calls my purse the suit case.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not sure if my purse would save me if I were stranded on an island but, It contains pictures of my beautiful children and grandchildren, address book (can't leave home without my friends), hand sanitizer, wallet, glasses, change purse, what I call my menopausal hand fan in red lace of course, a red cloth Kleenex holder, decaffeinated tea bags, sugarless gum,pen,a small lollipop my grand daughter asked me to hold,rosary beads and of course a lipstick! I have more in there than I thought I had! marystruck@hotmail.com

Sarah G said...

The contents of my purse has drastically changed over the last year, telling a story of the magic that entered our life with the birth of our daughter. Where there was lipstick and earrings, there are diapers and tiny outfits. My emergency stash of wipes, band aids, Cheerios, and other baby essentials balloon from all corners of my purse. And, now, that I'm a stay at home mom, my coupon envelopes go with me everywhere. My wallet is no longer of designer make - it sits in my purse holding a calculator (for adding up groceries), my keys (so I don't have to fish around), my store loyalty cards, and a few pennies. :) And, my cell phone is stuck in the side pocket - not so much for chatting with my friends, as much as a useful distraction for the baby.


Anonymous said...

My purse holds the wallet my husband gave me on our first Christmas, a tape measure and swatches for the latest beautifying project at home, a small photo album of those I love most and change for an inpromptu coffee with an old friend. Keys to all those important places, my phone to keep me in touch with everyone and my favorite leather gloves.

Rose LaBrosse

Marie said...

Lets see my purse sometimes serves as a diaper bag, you will find a ziploc of natural lanolin, drivers license, receipts, vitamins, lip gloss, my camera (I'm a photographer), cloth mama pads, and some change!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your handbag give away!!! Many blessings, Phallin Marie

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh…My magic purse “where all my life” is stored would be exclusive and one of a kind designer inspired…open and overflowing with my necessities and a diva’s whimsical delights…

At the top would be pictures of my bright and beautiful daughters as well as my nearly 90 years old mom; a heart shaped mirror to reflect the love I give and desire (and me 60 pounds lighter LOL); a diamond encrusted cross tucked inside my book of “Daily Prayers for Women Who Do Too Much”; a good novel, a couple of jeweled angel pins because I wear them everyday; a purse size bottle of exotic perfume; a tube of scented hand lotion; several of my favorite lip colors and my Bobbi Brown makeup; naturally I would have several organizers holding my Iphone and Ipad (because I love reading) and a gorgeous journal with an elegant pin because writing is a passion too and my task lists a must; monogrammed tissues along with a few gourmet snacks, expensive bottled water, a pair of designer/sexy heels, my Chanel sunglasses and reading glasses, a St. John’s casual set of clothes to change into; breath mints, passport, lots of charge cards and plenty of cash and last but certainly not least, a Tiffany flask filled with my favorite vodka martini and an elegant crystal “large” glass to pour it into. No keys would be needed because my driver would take care of that! My email: nottingham.angela@yahoo.com

Nonni said...

My purse contains the usual belongings common to any woman, but my magic purse also contains a most mysterious and powerful, though relatively small, tool - it is both a weapon and a key.

It is useful to me as a weapon when I want to battle sadness, oppression, fear, doubt, anger, hurt and the attacks of an enemy who daily seeks my life, whom I cannot see. The weapon does not only protect me, it protects and fights for the interests nearest to the hearts of all those whom I know and love, as well as those of strangers and those whom I do not love as I should.

I use it when I need a key to open the door to the side of life we cannot usually see. I enter as a child who desires her home, her mother, her father. And, I hope that at the end of my life, this key will open the door to eternity.

My purse contains the powerful beads of my Rosary - the one my father held in his own hands before he died. It has held my hopes, my joys, my sorrows and anxieties - and the heartfelt prayers of two lives I sincerely hope will be reunited on the other side of the door opened with this key.

~ Suzanne

suzemcg at gmail

Anonymous said...

If it fits into one of the three bags I carry....it goes with me. I'm 52 and I'm back in college and refuse to carry a backpack like so many of my young classmates. They truly stare at me and I know they have nicknamed me the Bag Lady. First of all, my purse which has my wallet, camera, my son's ipod because he is grounded, sizzers, tweezers, bubblegum, pencils and pens galore, by pocket bible, my phone, glasses, sunglasses, the bills I don't want my husband to see, kleenex, namebadge for work (I work full time so I'm gone from home all day)pictures of my family and my calendar and lotion. Some days I can squeeze more in but if there is overflow, I put it in my school tote bag. It goes with me everywhere because I study on my lunch hour and I study while I wait to pick up our son from soccer. My school bag carries my school books and binder but the best part is the snacks. Everyone knows I have snacks in one of my bags. The other bag I carry in to work is my cooler of diet cokes. When my shoulder hurts, I know my bags have gotten too heavy and it's time to reorganize and lighten the load. I love April Cornell and miss the store greatly!!!!

lisa said...

What is in my purse right now? I have in one pocket a size 4T pull up and a size 1 diaper and a small pack of wipes, in the main compartment I have my wallet with all my cards, a little cash, coupons, and a few pictures of my girls. I have my oldests "purse" with her monies to buy a present for her daddys birthday, since we are on our way to the grocery store I have the big coupon envelope (the coupons in my wallet are the ones for like JoAnns where I might stop in out of the blue the folder has all the other coupons) several Sharpies, an apron for workI have a little pocket in there with keys, I have store keys for work, my car key, and then the house key on a ring with a ton of store club cards. in the other side pocket I have my good fabric scissors (so no one will use them if they see them around the house), my migraine meds, and a swatch of fabric I need to get some thread to match, some bandaids, and $5 to get the thread with!

is that enough info about me? home, work, and pleasure all in one bag, and belive it or not its not that big a purse, sometimes I can even throw a paperback novel in there but I am not reading one right now


Anonymous said...

I have in my purse my wallet, change purse, keys, business card file, pill box, card case, tissue pack, Metrocard case, date book, pen, BlackBerry, tape measure, jeweler's loupe, Louis Vuitton mini wallet, lip balm, and a comb.


Dominique said...

1st the essentials: wallet, phone, keys, pictures of my children at different ages and 1 of my husband, pocket planner, pen, calling cards, hand cream, lipstick, small wintergreen altoids, (lately chocolate covered cocoa nibs from Tader Joe's - for a pick me up or to keep an antsy child at bay), an emergency pacifier, old receipts and expired coupons. When the children are along I throw in the baby's bottle and some wipes...at least

Sharon, Wichita, KS said...

Besides the generic wallet, lipstick, lotion, calendar, pen, badges to the organizations I volunteer with, my iPhone, handkerchief, and keys, the most essential item is my camera. I see pictures when I look around, and love to capture moments with friends and family. Great prompt!

Anne said...

Mon sac a tellement de choses principales Contient mais j'aimerais Qu'il contienne moins fr. Donc, PAS QUESTION D'avoir un petit sac. À l'occasion, j'utilise un autre sac à main Pour Une spéciale sortie, alors là je mets moins de choses dedans, mais je sais que c'est temporaire. Dès le lendemain, je reprends mon sac quotidien Qui Contient les éléments Nécessaires pour la semaine, que ce la carte d'accès pour le travail ou Les Mille et Une Clés Nécessaires pour Accéder y, l'étui à lunette, le porte-monnaie Soit , la pochette pour le rouge à lèvres, Le Miroir, Le carnet de téléphones ... et j'en passe ... Quelle liberté de pouvoir sortir sans sac à main de temps en temps ... aaudet50@gmail.com

Mscutiepatootie said...

My magic purse contains items for two people. I have a special needs son so I need to carry all his important medical papers and ID cards. I have a copy of his guardianship documents and necessary medicines. I carry favorite books in case he get bored. I also have my Ipod and my cell phone, favorite lipstick case, credit cards and usually a small amount of cash for Brett's milkshakes. He "needs" one everytime we go anywhere in the car. I usually have coupons for various stores I may be visiting. Oh I almost forgot pens, usually there are so many at the bottom of my purse and that accounts why I can never find one at my desk when needed. Somehow they find their way to my purse one at a time. Cool contest, I love you bags. Nancy

Anonymous said...

In my bag of tricks I carry. Sunglasses, tissue, wet wipes (no one should be without them), my lego guy key chain that looks like Sean Connery from Indiana Jones and a mini flashlight. A Jennifer Crusie paperback, Rec center punch card, my ipod, lip gloss, hair spray and small first aid kit. A seemingly microscopic sewing kit, tic tac mints, a small personal planner (that I always forget to use)...last and deserving of least, a pair of earrings that hurt my ears the last time I wore them out.

marcy said...

Oh I wish my purse had magical powers! I wish it could magically produce the exact thing I needed at any given moment--like a band aid or something to give an upset child. Unfortunately, my purse is quite ordinary... with my wallet, a book, some of my schoolwork, my calendar, my phone, random papers, my daughter's harp tuner (okay, so that one is probably not in everyone's purse), antibacterial soap and usually gum. What I am usually missing is a pen or pencil. My purse actually does have one magic power--often it makes my keys invisible to me.
Thanks for the fun!

April said...

I love small purses,...but the older I get,..the larger my purses seem to get. I have 3 pens,..3-4 various lipsticks,..2 compacts, 1 mineral foundation,..eyeliner. Handcreme,..lots of friends business cards,..one coveted debit card. Paint chips...brush, cell phone, coupon or two,..and the most important....a pad to write down things to google when I get home!

Anonymous said...

I have in my bag, my wallet, a bag of green tea, always a scarf most of my scarfs are April Cornell's. some cosmetics. Stuff in my purse always varies because of my moode.
I have 3 kids, I use to carry always dipers and wipes for 7 years but 2 weeks ago I stoped to carry dipers.
Thank you April for this opportunity to dream about a new free bag from you.

Josette A.

hfpn said...

Dear April,

This is fun!

In my magic bag, I have cell phone, coupons, pen, keys, wallet (the coin part contains orphan buttons), Tums, a small pillbox with one of everything, plus a makeup case with tiny toothpaste/toothbrush, small amounts of everything needed to be presentable, eg lipstick, eyeliner pencil, powder. Also a red leather 2010 pocket calendar in which I write all manner of notes to myself as well as calendar events; and a small address book. I also always have a pair of knee-high nude hose and my cell-phone charger. If I just add my passport I am ready to go anywhere!

hfpn said...

April, I was the last commenter--and forgot to include my email address. It's


Thanks April!

Anonymous said...

My Magic Purse...is a purse that will go with anything I wear! It serves me by holding my favorite things... Pictures of my lovable hubby & beautiful daughters! Who all remind me of my many blessings I have in my life! It holds my i-pod, which can take me away from the stress of life & bring me back to a great mood! It holds my favorite almonds that take away the hunger edge in my tummy. It contains one of the necessities of life my chocolate fix. And of course, my wallet that takes care of most of my needs. It carries my cell phone, which is my lifeline! Keeps me on schedule & in contact with my loved ones! And most of all the keys to my home, so I can return to my loved one & see their beautiful faces for which I'm so very thankful for!

Mary Beth said...

My magic purse contains tissues, in case anyone has tears of joy or sadness or just the occasional runny nose. There are my business cards that introduce me to my next career opportunity or the next man in my life or the next new experience. I also have my wallet that allows me to live sensibly or extravagantly depending on whether I use cash or credit, a check book that doesn't get used much anymore, and of course a lipstick that has seen better days.


ptsuzer said...

My magic purse contains a little bit of everything because my Mom taught me to always be prepared. I have my wallet, phone, digital camera, make-up bag, gum, my sketchbook and drawing pens. I have raisins, crackers and water too. I joke that if I was ever on the old show, "Let's Make a Deal," that I would probably have in my purse the "object" that Monty Hall would ask an audience member to pull out of their purse!

I carry some very random things and some very special things. I have on my key chain a family photo of the 5 of us on our last family vacation; a cruise to Bermuda! I also have my Dad's ring on my key chain so I can feel his presence every day. Then I don't miss him as much.

Thank you for this opportunity! I love your designs!


Teresa Baker said...

I think my bag more functional than magic having to carry so many things and not ever bringing forth genies or golden eggs. It does, however, contain my wallet with all the essentials, chequebook, daybook, camera, pens, pencils, Tide pen, hand sanitizer, a little room freshener, small tin of Yves Rocher Mimosa cream perfume, Burts Bees and Body Shop lipglosses, my digital camera, a plastic knife???, small flashlight, keys, cell phone for emergencies only, picture of my sweetheart, Tylenol,iPod, dental floss, lots of scraps of paper with notes to myelf and always a book (currently Moon and Sixpence), a small foldup cloth bag for shopping. I love everything on this site and would love to win a bag which would be well and happily used. Teresa Baker nomadbeads@hotmail.com

Linda Tytko said...

I don't carry just one purse but many , I keep a few knitting projects in one with socks and knitted toys that I'm working on . Candy , hand cream, lipstick. many magazines and small books I'm reading. My phone, wallet, comb, tea bags, my camera to take interesting pictures when I come across them. I just love my felted and sewn purses that I carry I could not be with out them during my day to work incase I get stranded I always have something to create or do.

Anonymous said...

My purse is my constant companion and as such has my wallet, a pen, beeswax chapstick (necessary in Maine), postcard stamps (you never know when you'll find the perfect print to send someone!), shopping coupons, my cell phone, my daughter's girl scout pin (which really needs to go back on her sash), my Zumba punch card (for days when I can escape to exercise), a squished granola bar and princess band-aids.


Anonymous said...

The contents of my purse tend to change depending on the day & my activities of the day! However, I have my staples. They include lip stuff, my wallet (with a number of receipts, memos, business cards,& a little bit of money;) my keys, sunglasses, notebook,pen,& novel. Now, depending on the days activities I have had anything from a licence plate, more than 2 novels,bra, water,CDs,mail,to jewelry! hahah I could go on! I love having an interesting handbag! Thank You

Anonymous said...

My thing is Harmony. I have a friend who buys me a harmony stone everytime she sees one. Just simple stones with the words Harmony written on them. In my purse is every Harmony stone she has ever given me. It reminds me of her daily and also what I seek daily: Harmony.

Anonymous said...

Connie said...

I have some of the usual items of nail files and pens,clippers and paper but I also carry mystical & magical things.Things that transcend & give guidance.A picture of my father in his later yrs~holding the hand of my 3 yr old niece as they make their way to church, a grocery list of mom's from yrs ago, a ragged piece of my son's blankie (so close to my heart), a small rock with the name of a special friend on it reminding me she is my rock that gives me a nudge of advice when I touch it, my journal that accepts every word I enter and never judges or turns a deaf ear to me.I have a fat coupon book of coupons that I can randomly hand out to those who need relief in one way or another or love when they're lonely.These coupons can be redeemed at the 'store of needs';a small box with big wishes and prayers that all come true.This bag is full of what it takes to make the world a better place!


Sandi Linn Andersen said...

My purse isn't very large but I manage to fill it with everything I need and then some. :-) Here's what was in it last week. I cleaned my purse then because it was too full of stuff!! As I did it, I wrote down everything that was in it. That comes in handy for this little giveaway but I had reason for doing it that has to do with a volunteer project coming up in April. In the meantime, I am happy to share what was in my purse. :-) There were 2 tubes of lipstick, a toothbrush and toothpaste from an airline kit, chapstick, emergency earrings (I hate it if I forget to put in pierced earrings), a little bag with nailfile and clippers and cover stick with a mirror and another little case with dental floss and glasses cleaner. There is a watch necklace from my Grandma that needs a battery (been in my purse for a year) and 2 AA batteries (not sure why?). Next there were five ink pens, my favorite mechanical pencil and a fine line permanent marker, my personal checkbook, my business checkbook, business card holder (empty!), post-it pad, mini calculator, glue stick, tiny bottle of Tacky glue, a Magic rub eraser, and my petite Stanley tape measure (comes in very handy on trips to Menards for supplies). One of the purse pockets held a pile of receipts and out-of-date coupons at least an inch thick and another large pocket contained the last church bulletin, the women's guild program booklet, a brochure for donating to the food shelf, a brochure on a quilt appraiser, and an envelope with some of my poems and favorite hymns in case I forget them when doing a program or solo. At the bottom was a 1/2 pack of gum, 1/2 pack of cough drops, a tin of mints and a container of aspirin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Oh, and there was a comb, too. I got a headache just looking at all that stuff. So that is what WAS in my purse. I cleaned, sorted and tossed what wasn't needed and put back only 2/3rds of what I just listed. Feels so good when you have a clean purse. I kind of have a "thing" for purses and would love to win your handbag!

Anonymous said...

In my carry-every-where purse I have my buisness cards, my Italian-leather covered note book (for insperations).A large assortment of pens and pencils (I am an artist),my big suduko puzzle book,my original birth certificate,reding glasses,credit cards,checks I need to cash and my friends buisness cards,a menu from a really great pizza place,a list of the meds I take, Nitro Glycerin pills,coughdrops,a mini lysol spray,my favorite perfume,a swiss army knife and a screw driver set, that looks like a pen.Last but not least...a cute little polka-dot bag full of all my MVP cards from local merchants!!!!
y e-mail address is margaretmurphy20@aol.com

Anonymous said...

My 'bag of tricks', I always tell anyone who needs anything at a moments notice. All my girlfriends know that they can come to me because I'll have that one item that they need. Just the other day I was seated with my daughter at a movie where it was being shown in 3D. My grown daughter was trying to get the glasses out of the protective plastic wrap when I said, "Wait, I have a pair of scissors." She was astonished when I pulled out a cute little folding pair I keep in my purse to assist me with my knitting projects. Then there was the time when a student of mine was passing in the hallway and had a 'boo boo' on her finger.Into my 'bag of tricks' I went and pulled out a bandage. Of course I have the requisite wallet with cash and credit cards and the cosmetic holder for daily touch ups. A pocket for my beloved IPhone and clips for my hair. But it is when someone is in need and I can pull 'magic' out of my purse that I am most happy.

Celeste Hagen-Proctor said...

I neeeeeed my handbag!
I must always have my digital camera, my lip gloss, my credit cards, my purple ink and green inked pens, my tiny calendar with my life in it, my cell phone, ipod touch and I carry my knitting in another handbag I drag with me everywhere.

Anonymous said...

What is in my magic purse?

First of all my bag is pure magic since it was made by a very close Rasta woman in Jamaica.
Wonderful knit with Rasta colors... quite large

It has buttons that read very special messages.
example:: No human being is illegal.
Along with that it has some wonderful Bob Marley buttons too.
Inside this magic bag, I carry always, pictures of my 4 beautiful grandchildren and my 2 incredible children... my pride and joy.

Aside from this, I carry the standard items most of us women carry, wallet, change purse,my IPhone, which of course provides me with my favorite reggae music,pens,small pad to jot down what ever I may have to,
checkbook, and a loud whistle, just in case, you never know.
Depending on what I feel to have for a snack, a grapefruit,or an apple
or maybe a banana.....

Bottle of water always,dental floss and toothbrush to freshen myself after any snacks I eat
OH... last, a picture of a man who used to have my heart...and although he no longer does, I remember still to keep love, better than hate... always.

I would like to say to you April Cornell that your designs allow me to keep my wardrobe with a very natural look,I like that
thank you


Tascheleia Marangoni said...

I have often fantisized about dashing off on a little adventure here and there with nothing but the contents of my bag. Only large bags for me. None of these teensy weensy things that look like wallets on strings (what adventure is there in that?!). I like a magical shoulder bag with nothing but room. Let's see, what is in here... palm pilot for organizing, cell phone for calling, quarter for grocery cart, sanitizer, car keys, wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses, camera for capturing life's beautiful moments... rolaids, measuring tape for measuring, kleenex, nail kit, notepad and pen for when the palm pilot runs out of batteries, sketch pad because I love to draw, nursing blanket for the baby, granola bar for the three year old, bottle of water (and maybe a little chocolate) for me. Let the purse adventrues begin!

Anonymous said...

I use a tote bag as a purse and according to identity theft "experts" I carry around way more stuff than I should but I just can't help myself:
a pink zippered pencil pouch with my bs checkbook, receipts, $100 petty cash, hancock store card and a gift card, LQS punch card, hobby lobby coupons... 3 expired... I'll toss them. a blue zippered pencil pouch with my son's checkbook, receipts, some cash. a black zippered pencil pouch with generic bank deposit forms and a handful of deposit receipts..I'll take them out. my wallet containing the 4 most used credit/ debit cards, sams club card, id, cash, smart card. pocket calendar, personal checkbook, 16 assorted pens and pencils, rosary,
zippered wallet with 6 debit/credit cards for family member accounts, voter registration card, library card, membership cards, keychain with those store cards you scan when shopping, post office box key, bank safety box key, house alarm remote and a set of 3 house keys for my house and also 3 for my mom's house...for some reason we both have 3 differently keyed locks for front back and garage doors. baggie full of bs cards from assorted shops, quilters, etc. baggie full of my bs cards, 2 tins of mints, 3 tubes lipstic... that's where that color went! loose change,
baggie with 1 diaper, wipes, jar babyfood, spoon, pacifier, the remote thingy for the car.. the loop that holds in on keychain broke so I carry it loose... very frustrating at times
breath spray, 1 feminine pad, baggie with phone charger/cord...phone is usually in my pocket, but sometimes in purse also... and of course it's sunk to the bottom depths somewhere when it rings! envelope full of coupons, eyeglass case with "old" prescription and cloth, lens cleaner
1 shot of 5hr energy


Sharon J. Hughson said...

My purse is not that exotic as some. I make placemat purses and that's primarily what I use. I currently have one that has a zippered pocket I included, and inside is the bulging wallet with the usual suspects/money/coupons/creditcards/library card, etc. Keys, a make-up bag, eye drops, driving glasses and case, reading glasses (no case)finish out the items. I'm always looking for a tissue, but alas often forget to include those in my purse. Snif, Snif!

Anonymous said...

I love purses, if I collect anything it would be purses and lipstick. I have an embroidery magazine, embroidery notions, an embroidery book of patterns of the alphabet, my current project, gum, heartburn pills for my husband, change, hair bands for my girls, an encouraging note from my friend (also my principal), red pens (I'm a teacher.), a starbucks card, decaf tea bags, wallet, lots of lipsticks, tissues, lotion, pads for emergencies, keys, allergy pills and school id.


Anonymous said...

My Magic Purse contains all things that glitter. It contains sea shells, sand, sunshine and millions of smiles. All the items were from our family vacation to the beach last year. We are not able to afford to go on vacation often so last year was so very special to our family. We spent every evening playing in the water and in the sand. We will have the memories of this forever. That is why I want to take all those beautiful memories and put them in my wonderful special purse and keep them forever. I will take them out every so often and smile.

Luann Anderson email:(kaseyandtherock@aol.com)

Anonymous said...

My ATM card! that's all I need :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. What a great post! My bag now goes from work to after-work networking. I love my little bag. It contains keys, of course, my to-do notebook, pens, highlighters, post-it-note flags, floss, small toothbrush, eyeglass repair kit, eyeglasses, Blackberry, gum, butterscotch candy, small tape measure, gel toe spreaders (don't ask :-))hand lotion, lipstick, 2GB USB, tissues, handerchief, business cards, postage stamps, hand sanitizer -- oh and my wallet. Whew! All that in my cute little go-everywhere purse.

Anonymous said...

My Magic purse has favorite needlework designs, a sheep key chain to remind me of my lambs and sheep which I raise, a small vial of Lily of the Valley perfume, my favorite lipstick, a Regency Romance, a business card case, pretty pads and pens, dark chocolate, and a hand carved angel from my husband, pictures of my most precious gifts, my husband, my daughters and granddaughter, and lots of crumbs that I might not take myself too seriously,
Malou Dichtel

Jordan's Girl said...

I hate clutter, so I do frequent cleanings of my "magic bag" :-). I'm not quite the Girl Scout my mother is! So, what is left is really important...my wallet with pictures of our wedding day...not much cash :-), just credit cards that I'm trying to get frequent flier miles on to go visit family for free! A mini fold up hair brush with mirror...this is more for my baby to play with when I have no toys and he needs something in his hands! Lip Gloss...my baby loves this one too...the soft squishy bottle must feel good on the gums ;-). A stick of Tide toGo instant stain remover for those "Ah! I just spilt on my white shirt and I am driving to a wedding!" (my husband usually is grateful for that one :-). My top 3 essential oils from Young Living, lemon, peppermint, and peace and calming. Restaurant water is purified with the lemon, if I feel stick in my stomach, have a headache, or get motion sick I have peppermint, and peace and calming helps calm me down when I feel faint (It was a real life saver and helped prevent me from going to the hospital once after fainting. CAN’T live without those!). A lara bar, or other food bar to sustain me when I forget to take food along...I eat way more now that I'm nursing and my blood sugar gets low :-)! A little pack of chocolate to sustain my husband as he drives on long car rides...right now it is chocolate covered espresso beans. An itty bitty sewing kit...my cell phone, and ear attachment to protect from harmful cell phone waves, keys, hand sanitizer, pens, and coupons, so I don't have to think about them while I'm out...and a sweet little mirror my friend gave me from Anthropologie that has my last initial embroidered on the little fabric case. It just looks so pretty, I keep it in there!

That's it for me. I enjoy your blog! Thank you!

Julie Palmese said...


My purse used to have:
-a bottle, soother, teddy grahams, cheerios, wipes and diapers
Now it has:
- paper with my teenagers cell phone number on it
-extra car keys since I've locked them in the car twice
-My youngest son's gameboy for when he's in the mood
-my wallet with no cash since the kids are always asking for money for this and that!

Nicole said...

My magic bag contains mostly 'mommy' items: essential diapering items, various baby & 4 yr old snacks, my wallet, cell phone, a baby toy and preschool drawing book, kids' hats, water bottle, plus a bunch of tiny items and crumbs at the bottom!! nicolepperry@msn.com

Artsuccess said...

I have a Magic Purse and it's red my favorite color. It also has a magic red Chinese envelope with 3 Chinese coins for luck. My Magic Purse has what I need for my every day endeavors and at times I think I put it to the test. Not only are parts of my life stored in my Magic Purse but things that help me get through life such as Psalm 91 and a Cozumel keychain as a reminder of a previous expedition. So you see, there is a little bit or a lot of magic in all that we carry with us and we definitely need a Magic Purse even it it's just for pretend that it gives us something to sustain us.

Gaëna da Sylva said...

My purse is a huge pouch in which i carry my world in miniature... In my bag, there's always a dream in process: notes, samples... The last book i am reading (unless it is too voluminous...): Christian Bobin, as for now... My own notebook, in which i draw images with words... Poetry, thoughts, ideas. A pen. Some «crayons de couleurs» for my son... Some pictures: family pictures and a small portolio. Business cards: mines and the cards of interesting people i meet on my road. My phone and agenda... A pair of gloves for winter. My sunglasses. Gloss. A small box of «Pastilles à la rose»... And of course, some magic. Just like Mary Poppins' bag...

Thanks for the nice idea, April...



Anonymous said...

Well, let's see...in my magic purse I have a 10+ year old wallet that I love and still looks brand new! I have a plastic baggie with my favorite lipgloss, and lipbalms, sunglasses, a pair of gloves (I hate when I get shocked - a lot - when it is cold outside :-)), my passport, a pen, ID tag holder, 2010 planner, eye drops, cell phone carrier, hand sanitizer mini spray, car keys, cough drops and some hand lotion. I could honestly say too that my bag I have had for about 7 years and that I don't really change purses that often...other than for a very special ocassion.


Famille Gerdel said...

Ma magic purse: my eternal lipstick, gum, little note pads, office card, photos of mine... thats'all!

Géraldine said...

Let's see what's in my purse that's special?
- A small marble that's supposed to remind me of how beautiful the earth is and how we should take care of it
- pictures of my wedding (almost 2 years ago)
- my driving license from France, although I've been living in Quebec for 12 years now!!!
- most of the time, a diaper for my 2 year old ... just in case!
- and today : 1000 stamps to prepare for the mailing I'll do this week-end to announce the upcoming concert of my Choir ;-) (www.lesrhapsodes.com)

otherwise ... nothing special! But I would be thrilled to transfer all those not so special objects to a ô sooooo special magic purse of yours!

Have a great day!

Linda said...

My magic purse isn't truly a purse, though it looks like one. My magic purse is my camera bag. In it, I carry my Nikon and gear to hospitals and back again.
When I pack my camera bag into the car, my family knows that I will be soon be with a family, sharing in one of the most intimate times in their lives. As a photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, (infant bereavement photography) I 'magically' capture the last moments parents have with their babies before they say good-bye for the last time. I capture moments- kisses, hugs, holding- and wrap those memories into timeless portraits for the family.
I know I won't be able to carry a camera in a beautiful April Cornell purse. In that, I would carry that little piece of myself and the memory of a gift from April Cornell.

Linda said...

I forgot my email address on my comment, but hoping anyway that you could contact me throught the google account. Anyway, it's celticcherokee@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

The magic in my handbag may not be obvious at first, as it is much like everyone else's. But, from the perspective of my autistic grandson,Parker, the magic begins! My tissues become birds, my keys are bells, my photos are magical because the people we love are now in our hands. The can of Altoids is a box of candy for Goofy.
Last but not least, my autism awareness lanyard is a beautiful necklace. Oh, and the cookies? They are really cookies!
How's that for fun?

Anonymous said...

I keep my sanity in my purse.

It was a bridesmaid gift from my little sister when she got married last year. It's a VB bag and the pattern fits my personality to a T.

Currently it carries; a summons for District Court jury duty (which will last at least 60 days), a can of chicken soup (lunch), my favorite Burt's Bees chapstick, a .5 fl oz bottle of my favorite perfum, my wedding notebook for my wedding in July, my house and car keys, and my wallet.

In my wallet there is a picture of my finace and I, my New Years resolutions from 2009 and 2010, my blood doner/ bone marrow doner identification cards, medical insurance, D.L. and most especially my Big Brothers Big Sisters card with my little brothers contact information.

I am so sad that more shops in Alaska don't carry your line. Joy towards the internet that I can keep buying your dresses and skirts.

Hope you have an excellent week and good luck to the winner!


Anonymous said...

My magic bag is most magical to the children I provide Early Intervention Services as a Physical Therapist. All of "my children" know that the magic bag is full of toys to pick up and try to hold, blocks that we work so hard to stack, stickers to reward everyone for their hard work and efforts, and stuffed animals to hug in cases of happiness from success or sadness from disappointments during the day. I am never lost with "my kids" as long as my magic bag is with me.

Unknown said...

I decided to take inventory of my handbag for unique items that I might include in this post. To my dismay there was nothing there that someone hasn't already mentioned but for one important thing...my registration form for the Shoppers Drug Mart weekend to End Women's Cancers. If I don't win the beautiful April Cornell "magic bag", at least I hope to remind everyone to support this worthwhile event.

Next to your health is your handbag.


christine morano magee cmm1222@hotmail.com said...

my magic purse has just one thing a magic wand with luck it brings all good thing to everyone and with this wand nice things are done.

Jayne said...

Mine holds:
keys- offices, car and room, pobox
a small organizer with receipts-coupons
5 company pens
moonlight magic lotion
tiny year planner
favorite essential oil- made by my momma
creative journal- mini comp.book
to do lists pad
AmberLyn dark chocolate bites
orbit gum raspberry mint
60g ipod- 5th gen. with body glove arm band
new Canon t1i
zoom lens
4g thumb drive
8g thumb drive
Vojo orange energy mint
2 small round clinique pouch-
1 for yummy earth pomegr.candy and 1 for change
laptop powercord
$2 earbuds- go thru them so fast, no sense in buying spendy ones :)
usually a snack-almonds or pecans or apple pie Lara bar
small baggie of nutritional supplements

uhh, yeah its way full but I never know what I'll need or if I'll be gone all day :)

Thanks! - Jayne

PS. Love the eyelet handbag:)


Joanne said...

Hi April! I have had a magic bag since I was 8 years old, not the same one of course! I have always carried a bag, and they always seem to hold so much of who I am. I have in my magic bag an angel, she is there to remind me that my daughter who passed away last year, is always with me. I have a lot of kleenex, I have been crying a lot since my daughter left me. I also have happy things, pictures of my little (maltese) dog and my granddaughters. I have about 4 different shades of lipstick, which by the way I hardly ever where, then again I never know when I might need to wear some! I have hand cleaner, from Bath and Body Works! A comb and mirror. My cell phone that I forget to turn on. Coupons that I always forget about! Discount coupons to resturants that I always use! A calander. I actually have had my little dog in my purse! I know there are some things that I left out, all I can say is my magic bag is quite full!
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Just as my clothing reflects my personality, some of the contents of my purse do as well. There is the billfold my husband gave me as a present which has never closed properly. But because it was a gift from him I cherish it and just keep it shut with a rubber band (and make sure he doesn't see it!) Then there is the daily planner that I WRITE all my appointments in. A dear girlfriend gives me a new one every year and I wouldn't trade it for the latest electronic gadget for anything.Because I live in the midwest,I have de-icer to unlock the locks on my car, or those of co-workers, a small flashlight should we lose power during a thunderstorm,a small set of screwdrivers,one of which will repair eyeglasses,a tape measure for whatever needs measuring, and last but not least,a KAZOO. I have carried one in my purse for about 30 years.I was working as a reporter in San Diego covering a parade and someone was handing them out. I put it in my purse and just a few years ago had to replace the original kazoo with a new one. The element of suprise when you start playing one quiets crying babies,defuses tense situations,and keeps folks pretty much on key during those impromptu renditions of Happy Birthday. I believe kazoos are the key to world peace. Buy one. Play it. See what happens.

M-square said...

A better question would be what don't I have in my purse? Keys (with Ladies Swiss Army Knife), lipstick, Burt's Bees lip balm, mini cross, coin purse, coupons, PDA, cell phone, wipes, hand sanitiser, hand lotion, mini room spray, Epipen, comb, mirror, 2 ink pens, sunglasses, and on occasion my checkbook.

M-square said...

I forgot my email address too!

Anonymous said...

My magic purse really does contain my life! I love the color green, so it is green leather. Inside are receipts saved for income tax, Rolaids, emergency choc bar (in case of bad day),2 pens and paper (for playing hangman with my grandson when we are waiting for food in a restaurant), dog treats (to encourage my dog to come when called), various business and appointment cards. Also small container of hand lotion and breath mints, hairbrush, emery boards, my coin stash; also a puzzle book and my current novel. Last but not least, my cellphone.

Have a wonderful day, what a great idea!


aka Anne:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear purse, how lost would I be without you! For within your soft bosom live many of my life's necessities: prayer book, photos, lotion, lipstick, emery board, band-aid, tissues, personal items, wallet (money & credit), family calling cards, gum, library card, pens, small notepad, Zune, and cell phone. Your predecessor, dear purse, was larger and could also hold a calendar/appointment book and a novel. Alas, those are now housed in a separate "just in case" bag that lives in the car. When you are old and used up, what shall I do?
boandjo at bellsouth dot net

Anonymous said...

My magic bag contains an old April Cornell mini cosmetic bag that holds my credit cards and money. (BTW, I STILL get compliments on it, and it is old, but so cute!) My make-up bag, lots of lip gloss, scented hand sanitizer (for me), non-scented hand sanitizer (for the hubs), meds, gum, sunglasses as big as Texas (so says the hubs), pens, coupons, lists, lots of Starbucks gift cards and receipts, a bottle of water, keys (some of which go to my parents old cars and house even though I have not lived there in 7 years-ha!), church bulletins, my phone, and often a decorating magazine are found in my huge magic bag. I think most woman could survive days with just what is in their purse. What a fun post! BTW, my parents live in Williston, so my mom's closet looks like an April Cornell store. My sis and I just love to go to the Burlington store every time we go home. sarahmarienesbit@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I am probably The person with the single lightest purse ever! All I carry in it is my wallet,sometimes lipstick, gift cards,lotion,and loose coins.

flowergirl42 at bellsouth dot net

Anonymous said...

I just finished making a purse yesterday by lazy girl designs. It only took two fat quarter to make. This will be a great little purse to runaround with. Inside this magical bag I will have simply my passport and credit card that way my hands will be free to touch fabric and pick up foods to sample. As a mother of two little ones I love to travel light which does not happen very often. Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

This bag of mine holds my life. Medicine to keep me alive, snacks to keep me going, klenex to keep me from running, make-up to keep me beautiful, sunscreen to keep me safe, cell phone to keep me connected, nail file to keep me smooth, minty gum to keep me fresh, these among many many things, oh and of course my wallet to keep me covered. I love my purse.

Love your purses.....



Lori-Anne said...

Hmmm...my "purse" is simple. denim. not very big.
In it, is my wallet, which is little more than a coin purse, but holds enough money, enough pictures and enough identification to suffice.
There are small pockets, that hold a variety of pens, pencils and sharpies; Lip balm, an eyeglass cleaning cloth and business cards are tucked into the other one.
Two different notepads, one with lines, one without. A small, but fancy address book and a date book sit on top of a heart shaped pencil sharpener and a white eraser.
Sometimes though, this simple, not very big purse is in a bag, with a bottle of water, a book, fabric & paint samples, my journal and other creative type bits. Depends on the day. Depends on the journey.


Donna Engborg said...

Shoot, forgot my email address again!!

Donna Engborg

Donna Engborg said...

I have more than one "magic purse"! My go to work magic purse has my wallet, glasses, business cards, pens, pencils, stamps, ponytail holder, check book, lipstick, and my "gadget bag" (which has my cell phone, drivers license, gym card and one credit card). But I also carry another magic bag with me that sometimes varies in contents, but usually includes, books, magazines, camera, (and now my new Flip!), crackers or some sort of kid snack and Carpri Sun juices. My favorite "magic purse" is the one that goes to the beach with me! Includes: Flip Flops and a book! (plus my little gadget bag!)

Anonymous said...

For me, a magic bag will contain the elements that are the most essential in creating a sense of joy, lightness and well being within and around me as I go through my day. A bag that will help remind me of all the magic that exists all around us if we are looking for it...
First of all, it is a bag that is beautiful to look at and it fills me with the same kind of happiness that I feel when I look at flowers, or English teapots or visit an old mansion surrounded by willow trees

When looking inside, the bag is spacious and simple yet still elegant and it contains the essentials that will remind me of what it means to live within my authenticity--who I am rather than who I should be.

I see keys with a filigree heart shaped ornament that reminds me to stay compassionate, my wallet which was a birthday gift from my mother, a change purse that a close friend made from purple fabric laced with images of dragon flies, the cell phone that I inherited that everyone thinks is old and funny but I love anyway...I try to keep things simple.

Thank you for making such beautiful bags!

Anonymous said...

My purse has always been my life saver. In it I carry a note pad and pen,lipstick, hairbrush,extra pair of pantyhose, a small bag of nuts, my IPOD with its head set, my dogs leash and her empty do do bags. My bible, bank books, pasport and a small lint brush. I would never leave home without my huge wallet and keys. There are a few toys in it for my granddaughters to play with BUT the most magical thing in my purse are the pictures of my family and a small note that is tucked in the corner of my wallet. It is a small worn out and discolored note that is 23 years old It simply says I love you Mumm. When my son was 7 he wrote me this little love note and left it on my purse one morning. Now when ever I am down or feeling sad. I pull out that little worn out piece of paper and read those simple words and like magic they work after 23 years They contiue to put a smile on my face.This little note makes me feel like all is well in my world and I can go on with the hills and valleys life has to offer.


Anonymous said...

My purse contains much of what every busy woman's would hold; a beautiful wallet, car keys, pink bag with lipsticks of various shades (to match my colourful outfits), sunglasses, diary and assorted items that I switch between purses. But my magic purse would contain, a passport, a ticket to Tahiti, sunglasses, a bikini, sunscreen and an unlimited supply of money so that I could just fly away to paradise and forget the worries of the world. All of the ladies that visit your website will understand this. Cheers Robin jjones641x@hotmail.com

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Good morning, April! I am still excited at receiving the news that I won your little giveaway. I've replied to your e-mail with my address and handbag choice. When I read through my list of what was in my purse, I realized that I forgot to mention keys!! Yikes, I don't go anywhere without my keys or my purse. This is so very generous of you and I am so happy to be the winner. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

My magic purse sits in my closet awaiting me like an old friend when I need a quick pick me up. Filled with a loving note from my Parents, a Christmas Ornament, a book, some knitting, a note pad, chocolate and gift card to shop with; it is what I go to when I need a time out. I'm a care-giver to my husband who is currently undergoing chemo therapy. On rough days I quietly sit and hold open the bag of promise and treat myself to a magical moment of serenity, shopping, creativity or adventure...whatever in that moment I need the most to help us both get through those days. I look forward to the coming months when I can bring him outside for a walk and experience an outdoor magic purse moment with him... thank you for letting me share my magic purse story.

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