Trade Show Travels (with Video Previews)

January found me doing one of my favorite things - traveling. Following the cold wave from Vermont south to New York and Atlanta, two of my favorite cities that stoke my energy and inspire myself and other designers.

We exhibited at the Nouveau Collective Fashion Trade Show in New York City, visited the Mode, Fame and Accessory Show at the Jacob Javits Center, and took in a play (A Little Night Music with Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta Jones).

Then I popped down to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Show, snow followed, and I met the truly talented Wil Shepard, and many of my favorite licensing friends, such as; Global Amici, Certified International, Blonder, Paul Wheeler of Looking Good.

Enjoy a few clips from the field!

Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful, Feel Beautiful


Anonymous said...

What fun; great videos! Almost as good as being at the show. It's so true that "your best camera is the one you have with you" -- I'm glad you brought yours.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the preview April, I can't wait to see them 'completely' :) Really enjoyed the baskets with buttons from Wil Shepard, and it really made me glad he didn't use glue to attach the buttons. Once you use glue, it's hard to re-use them. I can't imagine taking these lovely baskets apart, but maybe 75 yrs down the line, someone will want to re-purpose them again...and they'll be able to.

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