Motherhood & Memories

There is nothing as precious or as impactful as childhood. Even as adults we can see the impact of a childhood filled with love and care, and a childhood without.
Being a mother and a grandmother I am conscious of this memory making time. The rituals, the routines, the occasions, and the people that give those fleeting days its value and worth and carry forward to be drawn on all of the days of our lives. This is the emotional and artistic place where I draw my inspiration for our babies' and girls' clothing. I want to make every piece beautiful, every piece delightful, every piece comfortable and worthy of the memories that will be made in it.
We were three sisters growing up just 2 1/2 years between the oldest and the youngest. My mother loved to dress us up, unwittingly creating the first models for my future girl's collection. Now I have a little baby granddaughter and she carries all of the hope and the dreams of the family - you can be sure she wears them well! She looks especially adorable in her Maddy Jacket!

I would love to hear about your favorite childhood memories, or the memories of your children.


Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful

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