Pretty New Packaging from April Cornell

I always appreciate the special touches that people include in life, and its always a delight to receive a beautifully packaged gift. Starting with your next order from April Cornell, your purchase will arrive in a pretty fabric gift bag tucked inside a lovely yellow folder. It's our little way of adding a special touch to your life. The bag can be reused for a myriad of things. It can be a lunch bag, hold travel items, or be shared as a gift wrap for a special friend. The uses are as wide as your imagination.
    Each bag is a surprise, and has been cut and sewn in our factory in Delhi. Our way of making everyday beautiful.


Live Beautiful, Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful

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Nerissa Alford said...

I just love when I get special packaging. It is such a treat & this is just beautiful!
I'm really enjoying your blog stories & the personal info regarding your trip to India. Thank you for sharing.

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