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One of the richest threads that weaves the April Cornell story together into the rich and unique brand and company it is today is the history and successful growth of our operations in New Delhi, India. Behind that story is the woman who has made it happen – Harpreet Sindhu. I have known Harpreet since the mid 1980s when she was with one of our vendors. She joined what was then Cornell Trading in New Delhi in 1990 when it was just three employees working out of our home in Delhi.

     Today we are a completely vertical company, which means that we own, manage and control not only the design and retailing of our products but also the manufacturing. And Harpreet, through her compassionate hard work and nurturing leadership built this side of the business and empowers it to run. She is a multi-layered woman: a strong leader, loving wife and mother. Harpreet is an inspiration to me everyday. She never allows obstacles to block her, but rather concentrates on solutions. She also has a very caring heart and shares my beliefs about using the business to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. The success of the business means we have more to give to The Giving World Foundation.

    Women’s stories are important to me, and I believe that sharing them is central to what the April Cornell brand is about. Sharing, connecting, being supported by how others are inspired helps us challenge ourselves. Over the next few days I am going to spend some time telling you more about this amazing businesswoman and friend. And while Harpreet lives many, many miles from most of our North American customers, you will see how she balances many of the roles other women do. I know she will inspire you too!


Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful!

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