Relaxing is Contagious-Catch It From a Cat!

I often drag into the house after a busy day feeling distracted and a little tense. We've been running at such a fast pace around the office lately. We are about to launch a website exclusively for our Canadian customers, our new wholesale line is due, its almost time for the fall collection to debut, and we are organizing a tent sale. This is in addition to our daily routines with the online business and the retail store. We are a small team and we cover a lot of ground in a day.

My cats Puff and Smoke lead the leisurely life of well-fed house cats. They are always happy to see me. They could care less what went on at the office, and are only too eager to get me to sit down. When I settle down into the leather chair I painted over recently (Seriously, you should see it!), or the well-loved Victorian sofa in the reading room, the cats appear. They find a comfy spot close to me, curl into snug positions of repose, and go about what they do best - relaxing. 

It feels like when I relax, they laze even more. If they could talk I think they'd say this is their favorite time - reposing with me and being in the present moment. It's a pretty wonderful. They are diligent about it too. They'll remind me by meowing and walking through my legs until I join their beckoning to pause. If they were more amenable, I'd bring them to the office! We could all use the reminder to pause, breath in deep, and relax with friends.


Deb said...

We're cat sitting my daughter's two fur babies at the moment while she moves (and renovates) and it is so wonderful to have them sitting in our laps at night while we watch t.v. I love the description of your Puff & Smoke "curling into snug positions of repose" ...They really do know how to get us to relax ♥

Anonymous said...

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