Quick Picnic Tip!

This weekend is bound to hold some picnics and gatherings, so I wanted to share a quick idea for serving cold beverages to a large group. Those oversized drink jugs made from molded plastic are not exactly attractive. You can remedy that quickly by folding and wrapping a colorful tablecloth or piece of remnant fabric around the container.
   Small straight pins or heavy-duty double stick tape can be used to secure the cloth in place. We added a fabric bow for embellishment. This is the refreshment station this weekend's tent sale.
   It's the quick little touches that make the difference. Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

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Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I've been perusing your blog...love this idea! I have a large family and usually host the majority of get togethers. This will be perfect for our next barbecue.

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