Maple Leaves and Fleur de Lis

Hello Canada, Canada bonjour,
    That’s my home – maple leaves and fleur de lis.  Shining Red and French Blue – or is it periwinkle?
     I come from the beautiful Franglais nation. I am an Anglo child of Quebec, a maritime daughter of Nova Scotia, a sister of mountainous British Columbia, a lover of cosmopolitan Toronto. Canada, it is my home, my nest, my place, my center and my own personal history. Canada is an active giving source of inspiration, a repository of my memories. A fractal that explains my life. My family reaches from coast to coast. My customers do too. 
     From Cape Breton Island, and Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, and beautiful Newfoundland, and home sweet Quebec, and oh so big Ontario, sweeping the Prairies, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, bold Alberta and the over endowed British Columbia, from our Northern Reaches, from the Yukon, and Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, and, excuse me, is not Alaska almost ours?
     Across this beautiful land, where I had my start, my beginning, my success and many happinesses, I say today – Hello to my customers, Bonjour to mes amies, because today we launched our Canadian website- and – after months of work, refining and designing, crafting and drafting- it is ready for you!
    Today I came back home. Please come and visit chez moi – an abundance of beauty awaits.
See you, a bientôt!


Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...


monica lee said...

Your blog is so pretty! I use your napkins on my tables and sometimes I wish I was a little girl so I could wear back to school dresses!

Deb said...

Congratulations on your newly launched Canadian website ... I will stop by and visit :-)
Picked up "April Cornell Decorating With Color" at the library ~ what a gorgeous book! Two of my favourite photos are in Chapter One. The vintage bike leaned up against the rocks & the blanket layed out on top of fallen Autumn leaves. I love the wicker basket with paints, bird identification books and binoculars ~some of my favourite things :-)

Jems of Joy said...

Bonjour April. What a relief to see you back! I was so sad when everything shut down since most of my clothes, particularly dresses, skirts, blouses and cardigans are from your collections. I had no idea where else to look so I am thrilled to know that you and your beautiful creations are alive and well.

April Cornell said...

It's funny what you say about the bike- this spring I bought a bike completely wrapped in wicker, it has bamboo fenders. I had it tuned up and it runs very well- then I added some fabric streamers on the handle bars. I like creating my own tableaus - the still lifes of my life.

Anna-Maria said...

Am really, really pleased to be able to order on line. Have been trying for months, but there was no Canadian access. La Cache has been a part of my life since its conception ... living on Hutchison near Laurier, La Cache was a weekly stopping point. There isn't a store anywhere that makes clothes that make me feel so comfortable, as La Cache did. Glad you are back!

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