To Market, to (Quilt) Market

This weekend Donna Larrabee and I head to Pittsburgh for the International Quilt Market. The entire April Cornell team have been preparing for weeks. We are thrilled by the response to our fabrics that Moda offers as being “perfect for quilters” and we are ready to keep that momentum going.

Quilt making reminds me of the exuberant way nature blends colors. So many artful combinations of hue and texture—and everything may not “match,” but it sure goes together. Or as I put it in my book, Decorating with Color, “To enjoy color, you need to let go of the perfect match.” Quilts and quilters do that with joyful abandon, which is why I think I’m so excited about getting to the show. I want to see what’s out there, fabric pairings, quilts on the cutting edge, designs that take tradition and add a delightful twist. I want to feel the fabrics and drink in all the richness of the patterns. I want to meet the people who have a such a passion for this art. We are hoping that my very first Tweetup at the Moda booth on Saturday morning will result in great connections with fellow quilt and design Twitterers.

Donna is wearing a spring green top and I will wear an embellished silk tunic. Look for us wandering the aisles, at the Moda booth, or perhaps sneaking outside for a quick dose of sunshine.

Just when you think life and quilts can’t show you anything new…that’s about the time when you’re woefully, joyfully, wrong.

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Em said...

Hope you have fun at the show tomorrow. Was it really you who left the comment on my blog post about my April Cornell wedding dress? There are so many imposters online, you never know... if it was you, are you upset I cut it up? I didn't know you had a blog... I'll be putting you in my reader for sure... I own MANY of your linens & LOVE your things!

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