Inspired Nighties


There is just something about a cotton nighty, washed and washed and softened with sleep, that actually is not only comfortable, it is also a comfort.

Customers and friends have told me stories of how nighties have literally helped them feel better during lengthy hospital stays, made them feel pretty and feminine after some very tough days that were not at all pretty or feminine, and just became a ritual, like yoga, or music or using a favorite face cream to help unwind at the end of a day. They tell me there is nothing like hanging out in their nighty on a Sunday, reading, writing, having a cup of coffee and feeling old fashioned cozy on a quiet day. A sleep therapist I met in Philadelphia told me that she uses our soft voile nighties to help her clients with sleep. My sister wears a fresh nighty every night. Always feminine and fresh, It is just part of who she is.

The delicate embroideries, many inspired from antique nightwear and bed jackets are what I love most. They bring the past to my present, the lives of other women, the sleeps of other sisters to my night. They comfort me, and I remember them.


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Anonymous said...

I have always loved your nighties. The crisp white cottons with all the romantic details are the best.
Love from a Committed Cornelliac!

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