An Occasion For Tea - Photos to Share

The Empress Hotel in Victoria British Columbia, nestled in Victoria’s downtown harbor, was the perfect setting for Victoria Magazine’s “Occasion for Tea.”

Hundreds of women from both the United States and Canada spent several days at the Hotel and around the city, listening to talks and getting to know each other and the city of Victoria.

I was delighted to show some of my decorating ideas on three different tables with three different color palettes, to the Sunday morning group.

I introduced personal ideas of having missing family at the table with framed photos and keepsake items. There were both summer and fall palettes, and live flowers to match.

Nicest of all was having my Mother, father and store manager Kate there to participate.

I was lucky I sat at a table with Phyllis Hoffman, of Hoffman Publishing [Victoria Magazine] and Dorothea Johnson, etiquette expert as well as the very talented floral artist, Susan Woodard, who had done matching arrangements with my containers for my tables.

The breakfast tables had beautiful silver vases absolutely laden with flowers, at the end of the event these were auctioned off and the crowd of women walking away with their beautiful arrangements made a pretty sight.

What a nice occasion!

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