a hot day in VT

Only here in Vermont do we have friends that spend a 90 degree day chasing sheep! Here is a delightful (and funny) story from our good friend Tara.

On Sunday, it was 95 degrees in the shade. The sheep shearers came at noon to shear our sheep. After they were done, one of the sheep got out of the fence. When we were trying to herd her back in, two other sheep escaped. While we were chasing them, the last two hopped out, and then we were chasing 5 sheep all around 5 or 6 acres, trying to get them to get in the fence under the apple tree, so they could get some shade. They were starting to turn RED from the heat.

After half an hour, I managed to grab one of the smaller ones, who hadn't been sheared so she had some wool on her, and picked her up and carried her to the fence. Then one of the shearers and I wrestled one of the bigger sheep and we both managed to get her in. After another 10 minutes, we rounded up the last three and got them all in the fence. All told, we were running and wrestling around for 40 minutes.

Bear in mind that it was noon, 95 degrees and sunny and HUMID. And I was wearing my new April Cornell Emmi dress. And it was the best thing I could have had on -- it was incredibly breathable, I was able to move easily and quickly, and I cooled down right away (once I was done running!).

I washed it and all the dirt came out just fine, and I can't wait to wear it on the next hot day. (My mother, who -- not very helpfully -- was watching the whole thing, said she wants one of those dresses too!



Anonymous said...

Your story is so funny. I have also chased animals, pigs, in a drees but it was many years ago so it wasn't one of April's dresses. It was out side of Dallas TX in Aug.1969 and I was expecting my third child. I was the only one home and threre were only 3 pigs, but they can sure run when they want to. I do wish I had had some of these beautiful dresses then.:)

Anonymous said...

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