The other day I was shopping. Buying a watch actually.

Copper colored with a thin mesh strap and a soft brown face – quite pretty and delicate – guess what it looks fine on my freckled wrist!

This brings me to the most interesting part of the purchase - When I finished buying the watch the sales girl – a pretty 20 something brunette with a splash of freckles on her face – says to me – ‘do you like your freckles?’

Oops I forgot I had them for a minute.

And then we talked – like two of a lost tribe – the Scottish freckle tribe- and I said well – I didn’t like them as a child, but I’m rather fond of them now. She felt the same way.

Somehow, she says, I feel I share something in common with other freckle faces.

When I see somebody with freckles, I feel they will be friendly to me. We have something in common. Some genetic pull, some immediate interest and attraction to each other.

I thought it was sweet. And kind of true.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I love my freckles too - now it's fun to see my littlest grandgirl Lucy getting freckles. They definately come from my daughters side of the family. I remember them running together as a teen and looking very tan.

Here's to the Freckled people of the world! I'm sad that April Cornell is no longer in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA.

sandy said...

Hi April. I just ran across an older book of yours, published 1997, in a second hand store and I thoroughly have enjoyed going through it. Your drawings, sense of design, your home, all these things are so beautiful.


Foley-In-Charge said...

Love my freckles.. though for a long time I had one on my lip.. and everyone kept saying.. "Miss, you have something on your lip." Finally I had it checked out.. and had it removed.. but I kept all the rest of them... Now my daughter--also a redhead has them..

We, too, feel like a special tribe!

Marie said...

Just discovered your clothing and blog. WOW! IT's everything I have ever been looking for, I just placed an order. Hopefully it will fit as I am a size 16/18 and XL was the largest. If not it will give me an incentive. Okay about FRECKLES. I have them too and did not like them as a child but now as a Mommy of three they have become my friends over the years and I am rather fond of them. Phallin Marie

Missy Sue Hanson said...

I completely agree....I also have freckles and do have to admit that I feel a certain immediate bond to a woman who has them as well. Freckles are beautiful, in my opinion!!!

JDayMinis said...

I do love my freckles but I didn't realize they were from my Scottish side, so interesting. They do help to create a connection with others that have freckles. My sister and I liked having freckles, sort of felt special. I used to wish they would connect to make a tan, lol. I love your web site and all your beautiful designs. You must love colour. Cheers, Jean

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