We miss April...

The birds are singing songs of spring, the flowers are in bloom, and here at April Cornell…we miss April. While some company’s employees might be excited when their “boss” heads out of town (or the country) for three weeks, we find that we really miss our April. She brings a breath of fresh air to this work place. She brings ideas. And most of all she brings a bright outlook on life. Work has been going on as usual: mail is delivered, designs are worked on, descriptions written, data sheets compared, meetings held, and phone calls and emails answered. But, it just isn’t the same. To add a little excitement to our day we held a “wear pajamas” to work day last week. We have to admit, sitting in comfy pants and fuzzy slippers while weeding through an inbox is quite delightful. Today it is really hot here in Vermont (a rare event) and we are thinking that we should fill a baby pool out back to soak our feet in over lunch… Some bosses would frown on such a thing. If April were here, she would toss up her skirt and jump right in. That is what makes a great company, a great lady and a fun team. We work hard, but we have a little fun too. To April and the girls over in India… WE MISS YOU! COME HOME SOON!

Rachel, Hannah, Donna, Amy, Morgan & Amanda


Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies,
Being a former employee who was fortunate enough to have worked closely with April, I can envision the fun you all had showing up in PJ's. What a great idea!
A big hello to all of you and keep the great designs coming - really feels like Spring is in the air.
My Best,

April Cornell said...

Hi Iris – oh – I miss you too!

It is so beautiful here in Vermont now – I am sure you remember – counting the birds and the flowers every day.

I really miss your lovely self and our working years together.

Just calling out of my office and knowing you were right beside me was a great way to work.

I am still working on ‘pretty things’ and painting my walls with poems.

Stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

I miss April stores... I shopped in the Ottawa store for years on our summer vacations at the lake and cottage, and was so excited to be able to shop in the Denver area.

I am just hoping you come back. Your fabrics and colors are the best!

Holly Cory (proud owner of a lot of April merchandise)

Memeof18 said...

Dear April;

It's so sad seeing only three stores in the US! My friend used to come from Alaska and we'd shop your store empty in the Sacramento area!! :o)

Now my niece has had a baby, and I could thankfully shop online. But it isn't the same!

You were truly the best shop in the mall here. I drove an hour to go to your shop alone! How we miss you!

Online, everything is sold out!

My friends yearly visit won't be the same as we slip away from our husbands to shop. Not without April Cornell to shop at.

We wish you well in any endeavor, and please, never stop making your beautiful creations.

We only hope your website gets BIGGER!

God Bless from your US loyal shoppers and friends.

Mary Ann and Colleen

Anonymous said...

We are saddened by the closing of the Canadian La Cache stores but look forward to the online shopping and hopefully the Westmount store remaining open. The beauty of April Cornell's artistry is a coveted inspiration and warms homes and hearts.

Janice Strong, King City, Ontario.

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