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Hi Anna,
Thank you so much for your email - I loved learning about your business, your taste and your grandmother - Florence Adams - how coincidental is it that my Mom's name is Florence, and my middle name is Florence too?
It sounds like we have a lot in common - I do have some good news about our nighties [I love them too!] we will be wholesaling them again starting this spring - and the contact will be Martha McEvoy - you'll love her - she has been connected with the April Cornell product for years - and has her roots in the beautiful state of Maine.
Good luck Anna,
and stay in touch,


Anonymous said...

=) Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I worked in the April Cornell store in KAnsas City, MO for 6 years. I was sad when the shops closed as my daughter is a great fan of the beautiful dresses and petticoats. She still has a few left. I am hoping that sometime these wonderful items will be available on line? I live in MIchigan where I am not able to visit a shop. She still has one or two years left for he 7/8's (although she is 8.5 now). I am gladto see you back, and look forward to watching your continued success.

Christine Russell, Williamston, MI

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Cornell,

I just started quilting, and I have to say that your designs are very beautiful. They're traditional in a not too cloying way, and I like a more contemporary look. I am going to buy your Moda Sample Sonnet Collection tin because I think it's a great way to try your fabrics without spending too much! Thank you,


Anonymous said...

I was desperate when the shops and the on-line shop closed since April Cornell was just the style I've loking for from years, so I've purchased a lot from your on line shop and now I have still beautiful dresses expecially summer ones. I am hoping that sometime these wonderful items will be available on line? I live in Italy and sometimes i travel in USA where my son lives. But we didn't find a store in Boston where he lives.I hope to see you back soon, expecially on line, and wish for you the success you ever deserved. (I hope my english is good). Thanks a lot for your attention.

Ana Maria said...

Dear Aprill:
I will take you in whatever way you are able to be back. The moment I first walked into your shop in Minneapolis I swooned in delight. My sweet,wonderful husband said" Hon,I will be having a cup of coffee,have fun." April i felt that someone finally understood what i was about. Your designs offered vintage not stuffiness,tranquility without being boring and warm fuzzies for the soul. thank you. Let's just say that that dear man grw to love coffee!! Ana Maria

Anonymous said...

YEAHHHH!!!! Welcome back! Although apparently I have been out of the loop for some time - I am glad to know that you have back in business! I am headed from Colorado to Burlington VT in April - I will be sure to check out your store!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss pretty dresses, my daughter in law(who now lives in India) had the for sight to save all the mother and daughter outfits I had given them. I was able to take them up to my new granddaughter, she'll start wearing them this Spring. much thanks!
P.S. We have a new little quilt shop I frequent, so please email updates and I'll pass them on.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to share with you a photo from my summer wedding in Burlington, Vermont. All of my attendents wore Bolero tops from your store. They were all stunning.

Please send me an e-mail address so I can forward the photo.


Anonymous said...

Hi April!!! I worked at the Santa Clara Store, #390, and I wanted to tell you what a joy it is to see how well things are going. Currently, where I work, I run into dear old friends, that were customers of our AC boutique in Valley Fair. They are going to be on Cloud 9, once they see the new collections!!
Thanks again, and all the best!

Anonymous said...

Our eleventh baby's middle name is Florence-Joy. I ahve always wanted to thank you for the dress I wore at our son's wedding. It was a beautiful dress... we purchased in LaConner, Washington --- sheer floral print over an ivory slip-dress. I loved that dress... admiring it many times before I actully got to wear it and am grateful for the modest and feminine clothing you design. God bless you and the work of your hands. pamela spurling

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