A thousand apologies...

Hi dear lady friends,
[and that one guy out there]
it has been a little busy here at design headquarters- so busy I forgot to check my blog!
Thousand apologies - I have been to India - and I am on my way again - we have opened the web site - that has been so- 0h -so good - in fact we overwhelmed our nascent customer service systems a little but we are getting ahead of things now and customers have now received product and hopefully got to wear it somewhere too!
In case you live in California - we have had three snow storms this past week in Vermont!
Did I tell you one of my customers is a sleep therapist - and she recommends our nighties - for a better more peaceful sleep. How flattering!
We are doing Pajama parties in the stores - and I had one at home [guests - one friend - Smoke and Puff the cats and a Rosemary and Thyme move!]The cats are smoky grey with white paws - one puffy and one not!
little girls dresses and dollies seem to be a hit all around- in the stores and on the web. Thanks for loving them too!
ta ta

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