Hi everyone, I am ramping up the website - we will go live with product in January - in the meantime we can talk on this blogg!
I can't tell you how many hundreds of letters that I have from all of you and how I long to reply!
It is so great to know that there are like minded people out there - your letters have certainly inspired me to forge ahead and rebuild and continue our very long conversation about beauty art and life.
Please do write - I'll share what is happening with me and please continue to let me know what is happening in your lives.
all the best,


Anonymous said...


When can we expect the online store to start?
AS a long time customer I am ready to buy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear April, I have 4 boys and now my only daughter. I just love buying dresses for her from your stores. I don't only go to one - I go to at least 3 of them. I love the velvet dresses and the petitcoats too. I even buy for myself. Thanks again. A fan from your Montreal stores. Beverly.

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