Great Colors coming for next fall.
I just finished reviewing fall 07 with my deisgn team and Jeremy Braude from Danica/ Now deisgns - layers and layers and layers of colors that are either maple and earth or cinnamons and spices depending on if you see with an Indian eye or are a New England leaf watcher.
We have silks and damasks and cottons and block prints and Decandent Victorian and Field Flower themes and my my it all looks so good.
I do love fall.


Anonymous said...

I want to shop for AC dresses. I can't get into any shopping from the website. How do I shop?

TS said...

I am hopeful that the new will offer buyers an opportunity to purchase on-line. I am saddened that this option is currently unavailable.

Rosa said...

Wow. I didn't know you had a blog. I didn't even know you were a you! How exciting. I'll have to now take a look and see what you're up to! (I'm trying to find a tablecloth for Thanksgiving, of course!!)

Anonymous said...

I am a well educated person (hope I do not spell anything wrong now),happily married in suburbia, and the mother of four boys. My life is complete - well was until (I am being dramatic)I drove from my home in RI to shop at April Cornell and saw the store gone. Dazed at the sight of an empty store I blindly walked down to J. Jill and asked what happened. Closed up with no warning was their reply.

May I say how sad I was - and am -to have lost your store? Your old storefront is now occupied by some horrid 20something place. I shudder each time I pass by it.

Everytime I pull out a glorious sweater, look at my lovely dining room table cloth or any of the many items I have purchased over the years,I lament. Truly I do!

Here's hoping that you get online to fill my craving for hopelessly romantic, original clothing. You fill a niche that I have not been able to replace.

Here's hoping!

WaveGiggleBarbi said...

April, I want to let you know how much I enjoy your line. I especially love your blouses. I enjoy feeling light and girly. You make that a possiblity for me, and there's so little of that out there for us.

Anonymous said...

Hello April,

I am a children's reatailer... how I long for your clothing line! There is simply nothing like yours out there. Please tell us that you will once again make your timeless style available to our kids!?

Best wishes,

April Cornell said...

Hi everyone - It's great to hear from you!
So - everyone needs to go shopping? Well here are the options for now- you can go to our three [only three!] stores in the USA
Burlington Vermont - 1802 863 0060
Liberty Place, Philadelphia,1
215 568 1670
Columbus Avenue [and 83rd] NYC 1 212 799 1110
The stores are loaded - loaded- with beautiful things - childrens Christmas dresses, ladies velvet jackets, piles of soft sweaters, harvest table linens - pottery - a plentitude of quilts from soft voiles to silks, and gorgeous heavily embroidered Indian cloths for the holidays.
Aside from that we do have our 27 Canadian stores - called La Cache - in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Banff, Edmonton, Toronto, London, Kingston, Ottawa, Sarnia,
Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, And Charlottetown.
Most of the stores are a direct flight from a major USA city - and many are less than a 100 miles north of the border.
For wholesale inquiries we do have some representation - Trine of Two Generations out of Atlanta is representing our childrens line - 1 404 581 9499.
Susan Estey from St John New Brunswick is showing ladies, kids and accessories to our East Coast customers 1 506 849 6680 and Shelley Renfrew of Vancouver BC is trying to service our west coast clients.1 604 688 3374.
Danica/ Now Designs is representing our linens. 1 866 253 9001.
Our website will launch for selling product sometime in January. Hallelujah - ladies dresses, little girls party dresses, spring table linens, even some of our licensed giftware wil be on line.
The Givng World foundation is still alive and continuing to fund many projects in India. I'll tell you more about it in the coming weeks.
For those of you who cannot visit our stores personally - we will be back on line soon!
All the best on this beautiful sunny day in Vermont.

Anonymous said...

Hi April - THANK GOODNESS you're coming back online with your wonderful children's line and other products. I've purchased several dresses for my granddaughter and they are absolutely beautiful. We live in a very rural area of Kansas and there is NO "real" shopping unless I drive 200 miles to Wichita; therefore, much of my shopping is online. Thanks so much for your fabulous line of products...I look forward to January - a lot!! S

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to see that you closed your 2 stores in Raleigh, NC. Will you be opening any additional stores in the area. Also - will you have jewelry availably on-line to purchase. I always loved the selection of jewelry you had!

Jeannine Quinn said...

You are loosing many good customers who are practicaly begging to shop online. It's only celebrities who can fly around to shop.
Jeannine Quinn
January 4, 2007,Charleston,S.C.

Anonymous said...

am trying to find one of the fabulous iron /metal fold up cots that were in the outlet store in Hagerstown,md. Would they be available at the Halifax store or Bulington...summer travel is coming!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So glad you're back. My sister gave me one of your Cafe Tablecloths with napkins and I just love it. I have a small kitchen and this gives it just the right amount of splash. Would love some Cafe kitchen curtains too. When I went to buy some more Cafe Tablecloths, I found you had closed. Was able to find two more on Ebay. Now I won't have to buy from Ebay. Looking forward to checking back on your website to see what is new. From the State of Virginia.

Anonymous said...

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