Summer Craft Project: Essential Napkin Rosettes

My garden is full of roses, and I love their many shades of pink, and sharp green leaves...

Inspired by their flirtatious, feminine beauty are these roses made from our essential napkins- This is a rainy day craft project, that will keep flowers in bloom all year long!

 Put on your prettiest crafting apron and-

-Fold one of our 20” Essential napkins diagonally in half

-Starting at one corner, pleat back and forth creating an accordion ruffle

-After a few pleats, begin to wrap the remaining length around them

-Wrap fairly tight at first then slacken and gather the fabric as you continue around and around to create a petal effect

-Using the ribbon from the napkin bundle, securely tie a knot around the base of your flower to hold it and wrap down the length to create a “stem”

-For a pretty accent, slide a Butterfly Beaded napkin ring up the stem to the flower

-Finish off the look by folding a green napkin diagonally in half and in half again and wrap the flower up in it, using the folded corner as a “leaf” detail

Create bunches of these pretty posies and use them together to form a beautiful bouquet!

Tell me some of your summer craft ideas and we will randomly select a winner of three sets of essential napkins to make your own bouquets!


Feel Beautiful, Live Beautiful, Be Beautiful

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