Tablecloths of Many Colors

Music, Flower Market, Amadine, Jess: I enjoy naming each new print. Often the name comes from the inspiration I had at the time, such as a beautiful sunset over the lake. Sometimes I enjoy honoring someone special in my life, like my granddaughter or one of the team here at April Cornell. A special friend might find it a surprise to peruse a new season's line and see that a coat, blouse or tablecloth print bears her name.
     These beautiful prints are from the new fall line. As is true to our style, you can see we reveled in a symphony of color once again. Each of the colors and designs in these prints requires its own hand-cut screen. The screens themselves are works of art, each having been created by a team of skilled craftsman. Over the years we have accumulated so many of them that it gets a little hard to store them all, but we do. Keeping a library is important because I never know when the inspiration will strike to pull an element from a past design into a new one.
Here is a close-up shot of the screens after they have been put on rollers for printing. Depending on the design and textile it is going on, we sometimes print with rollers, while at other times we use flat screens that are pulled by hand.  Once you see more of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into our products you'll see just how many hands and how much talent goes into creating the tablecloth you use on your table or the pretty new blouse you add to your fall wardrobe.

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RURAL said...

Hi April,

I was happily surprised to find that the same sunflower patterned placemats, and napkins that I just gave my Mom this morning, are available in a tablecloth. Her birthday is coming up, and I might have to go shopping.

We were up in the Okanagan visiting her, and as a parting gift I gave her some of your gorgeous products. And here I am now, at home, catching up on blogs, and there in the lower right hand corner is the same pattern.

I had spread out some of my sunflower cards that I made for her on top of the placemats, and taken photos of both of them. They matched so nicely, and my Mom was thrilled to get the placemats and napkins because she loves the late summer/autumn colors. Perfect timing.

What is the name of the sunflower pattern?


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