Off to India!

I'm off to Delhi, India, Monday morning to spend a few weeks there working on the Fall '10 line. I feel at home in Delhi, the vibrant city of color, aromas, and wonderful people. I love the motorcycles with the brilliantly clad woman in saris riding on the back - buzzing through traffic, the colorful birds in my garden in the morning, and the way my friends there have such an interest in so many different things.
     The design trips are always wonderful because I am able to immerse myself in creative activity all day long, while working with the team who brings my sketches and concepts to life. 
     I'm often asked how I manage to travel so much with ease. I will be sure to have my carry-on essentials
in a soft bag with lots of pockets like the Mela bag. I love the color combinations. 
     I plan ahead a little and be sure to take the time to arrange for my personal comfort on the journey. I bring a good scarf to protect against plane drafts, dress comfortably, and am always sure to have a good book to enjoy along the way. 


Rosy Lady said...

That sounds wonderful! I look forward to seeing the new fabric line and some photos from your trip.

mascanlon said...

I traveled to Delhi 2 years ago when my daughter was married in Kolkata. It was a fabulous experince full os so mauny sights and sounds and filled with joyful color. I look forward to seeing where your insprication takes you!

Emily-Claire Stevens said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip! What a treat to be immersed in such a fascinating culture. Those saris transfix me, just as the kimono do. Take care and have fun!

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