Tea Towels

Tea towels are a classic April Cornell item that we carry year after year. Originally used to dry and clean valuables in 18th-century England, there are multitudes of other uses for these favorite kitchen linens. I like to keep many around the house, but also have a few on hand for gifts.

10 uses for our incredible waffle-weave tea towels:

1) Hang in the kitchen for drying hands or dishes
2) Place on the counter to cool a batch of cookies on
3) Wrap a bottle of wine for a gift - just tie a ribbon around the
bottleneck to secure
4) Drape over the counter in the bathroom for hands
5) Use as a lining for a basket of chips, crackers
or other appetizers & snacks
6) Place under an indoor plant to absorb any excess water and protect your furniture
7) Wrap a loaf of nut bread and bring to a friend or neighbor as a gift
8) Cover warm dishes or rolls on the table until dinner is served
9) Mix and match in the kitchen for a splash of color and texture
10) Wrap a picnic lunch and use as the paper bag as well as a tablecloth or napkin at lunch time

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