The Cayman Toss Up!

I spent the holidays in the Cayman Islands

Warm tropical breezes, a turquoise sea breaking in white splashes on the reef, sun that fed my Vitamin D starved skin, all made me feel that I was in a surround sound spa ordered up just for me.

The best of course was my family and Cayman friends.

Two of my sons spent Christmas with me, we made a Cayman recipe for Roast Beef for Christmas day with garlic cloves and spices inserted into the meat- it was good.

I spent two weeks with my mother and father - two weeks! Such a long time for an adult child! It was wonderful, the chatting the cooking the story sharing, all pleasure and just what the doctor ordered.

I have to tell you about my best recipe - I love to bake and make desserts and I have a few classics that I like to share.

I volunteered for a desert on New Years Day - relying on my Canadian roots, I said I would make butter tarts - if you don't know butter tarts - then you still have new pleasures awaiting you in this world!

Well - baking went a little off.some how my pastry flopped and I couldn't make the tarts - I changed to a pie and just pushed the thick pastry in the bottom of the pie pan, a finger full at a time, and then poured the butter tart mix in. Adjusting the time to accommodate the now huge pie - I baked it and it looked pretty decent when I pulled it out of the oven.

of course the party wasn't at my house - it was down the road a piece.

I carried the pie, and about six other things to the parking lot.

as I was opening the car door - down came the pie - that is upside down. Ahhh - well butter tarts are so good - I could not bear to throw it away. I ran to the house got a spatula and quickly lifted the pie back into the pan. It was a little tossed to be sure, but it still looked good. and a quick taste showed it still had the power!

You know I made a few excuses when i presented my pie to the hostess - I told her about the spill and how it should still taste all right.As each person commented the pie tale expanded and pretty soon, the butter tart/ pie got renamed to Cayman Toss Up.

Let me tell you Cayman toss up was a hit - everyone wanted the recipe and Cayman Toss up is now the new thing to bring to parties in Cayman.

In case you want to make Cayman Toss Up the recipe is below.

Remember - we need to look for life's happy accidents!

Happy New Year


Cayman Toss Up

Mix in a heavy pot on low heat

1/2 cup butter

1cup brown sugar

1 cup corn syrup

1 1/2 cup raisins [some use Thompson raisins - but I like all kinds - even a mix of golden and dark is nice]

1/2tsp salt

Mixture should get warm but not hot.

Stir until all is dissolved

Take pan off the burner

lightly beat two eggs and add one teaspoon of vanilla.

Now add the eggs and vanilla to the mixture.

Pour the mixture in a pie crust [I use a butter crust with a tablespoon of brown sugar added]

Bake at 450 for 10 mins and about another 20 -25 minutes at 350.

Check for a a setting of the mixture so that the top has a light skin on it. Surface should be a uniform gold to medium brown color - it will continue to darken after cooking.

Let cool - serve with a spoon after tossing once!

It is yummy delicious - enjoy!

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