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it is certainly the entertaining season coming up - Thanksgivng, Christmas, Hanukkah- these are the times we meet family and friends. Much of the year's decorating happens i n the next few weeks.
I, however, got an early start this season with the marriage of my son and daughter in law.
We had a "nature shower' in the fall - the theme was all things natural - think -bird feeders water gardens, herb gardens, garden angels and the reliable always special Vermont maple syrup - the table was all rich fabrics and saturated colors, I layered it with the oppulent brocade tablecloth in teal- jeweled velvet curtains in the window and glowing candles everywhere.
Last weekend I had the most wonderful day - my son's wedding in the most magical of settings - the New Jersey botanical gardens at skyland.
The bride was renaissance beautiful and the groom handsome and elegant,by her side.
The tables shimmered in old gold and ivory organzas and with large trimphant flower arrangements spilling out of brass candelabras - the table napkins were rose colored glass decorations and the music was pure get up and dance.
So - for all of you with occasions in mind - come on over and shop in Burlington or Philly or New York -I would love to hear your decorating tips too!
And share them with others on line.


Anonymous said...

Wow the wedding shower as well as the wedding sounds wonderful. Best wishes to the bride & groom !!
I am a Canadian fan, I was born in Fiji but have an Indian heritage therefore am attracted to and love the colour schemes that you create. The walls in our house are painted in exotic colours like cranberry, mustard, curry powder & sage so I have fun shopping for linen at La Cache in Vancouver. I have access to children's clothing in Penticton BC and I tell you my nieces have the most beutiful dresses. Most of all I am a quilter and love collecting and sewing quilts with your fabrics. My most recent purchase is the Indonesian collection and I am frantically looking for a quilt pattern to show it off !!! Keep up the great work, most of all keep the fabrics comming !!

Pam Aries said...

I am so excited that you have a blog! I live in Charleston , South Carolina and I was so sad that the April Cornell store closed here. It was truly my favorite shop! Nothing else compres ! I look forward to shopping on line! Thank you for your wonderful line of fabulous, gorgeous ...well everything!

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