Good morning!

Thank you so much for all of your notes-It's such fun to have this way to connect with you all- starting to feel like this blog bit is catching on-or maybe it's me catching onto the blog?
Pam! Your post this morning was a great way to start a warm and blustry (however, Grey) day here in VT-hard to believe that tomorrow begins December-already!
Let's keep the conversations going-who else has their decorations pulled out of hiding and strewn about?

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Trish said...

Your blog is so beautiful! My daughter and I have been "April Cornell" collectors for years, and in addition to our "April" clothes, homewares, etc, we would like put an April-look to our own blogs. Is there a way to use/purchase your template for use in my blog? I put a link to your website in my blog and my friends are SO happy that I shared you with them.
Thank you!

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