Welcome to the new www.aprilcornell.com!

Hello! and welcome to the new www.aprilcornell.com!


Anonymous said...

Oh ~ What to do?
I am new to April Cornell (one year) and now have read that you are leaving the U.S. I am so sad as now I will hve to order via email. Postage doesn't leave me as money to spend on AC treasures!
Anyway, I shall be working the web and keep in touch by reading you musings.

I love your nightgowns and table linens. I've purchsed plenty. Now I'm looking for a "not=too=warm robe?

I love you colors, fabrics, andof course your letter to us.

Happy New Year from a new friend,
Torrance, CA
Gal from Cal

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are coming back...I Just love you clothes. I live in California and am looking forward to your new web site...Are you planning to ever have stores again in California? I sure hope so...

Anonymous said...

Hi April,
I am Renu,i don't know if you remember me or not .I used to work with you at Cornell Delhi.I headed the CO kids Division.I MISS all at april.Love to meet and work with you again.
My Id is renusurya27@rediffmail.com.
Accpecting a reply..

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